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ATZheavy duty worldwide

Ausgabe 1/2024

Inhalt (12 Artikel)


Heavy Tasks for Developers

Mathias Keiber

Cover Story

Potential and Limits of Electrification

Caroline Behle

Cover Story

Electric Drive System for Mobile Machinery

Henry Kwee, Florian Huthmacher, Andreas Bubert, Thomas Brehmer

Cover Story

Battery-electric Mobile Machinery - From Niche to Profitable Mainstream Products

Thomas Lüdiger, Daniel Becker, Hendrik Minis




Virtual Product Optimization of Cyclone Pre-separators for Heavy Machinery

Maximilian Ehrle, Calogero Colletto, Michael Frank, Andreas Wierse


Lightweight Design in Agricultural Machinery - CFRP Chassis for Forage Harvesters

David Garthe, Carsten Schmidt, Berend Denkena


Designing Hydrogen Tank Systems Holistically and Safely

Clemens Bauer, Luise Senkel, Robert Zucker, Daniel Kost

Guest Commentary

Single Pair Ethernet - The Sole Communication Standard?

Christian Klausner

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