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Biodiversity and Conservation

Biodiversity and Conservation 13/2006

Ausgabe 13/2006

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 16 Artikel )

01.12.2006 | Ausgabe 13/2006

The narrow endemic Scrophularia valdesii Ortega-Olivencia & Devesa (Scrophulariaceae) in the Iberian Peninsula: an evaluation of its conservation status

Sonia Bernardos, Anabela Amado, Francisco Amich

01.12.2006 | Ausgabe 13/2006

Biodiversity Hotspots from a Multigroup Perspective: Mosses and Senecios in the Transmexican Volcanic Belt

José Luis Villaseñor, Claudio Delgadillo, Enrique Ortiz

01.12.2006 | Ausgabe 13/2006

Genetic diversity within Oryza rufipogon germplasms preserved in Chinese field gene banks of wild rice as revealed by microsatellite markers

Li-Zhi Gao, Chi-Hong Zhang, Dao-Yuan Li, Da-Jian Pan, Ji-Zeng Jia, Yu-Shen Dong

01.12.2006 | Ausgabe 13/2006

Evaluation of PVA Models of Arboreal Marsupials: Coupling Models with Long-term Monitoring Data

David B. Lindenmayer, Michael A. Mccarthy

01.12.2006 | Ausgabe 13/2006

From Forest to Farmland: Species Richness Patterns of Trees and Understorey Plants along a Gradient of Forest Conversion in Southwestern Cameroon

K. Serge Bobo, Matthias Waltert, N. Moses Sainge, John Njokagbor, Heleen Fermon, Michael Mühlenberg

01.12.2006 | Ausgabe 13/2006

On the Relationships between Ground-dwelling Spider (Araneae) Assemblages and Dead Wood in a Northern Sugar Maple Forest

Hirondelle Varady-Szabo, Christopher M. Buddle

01.12.2006 | Ausgabe 13/2006

Nest Predation Risk on Ground and Shrub Nests in Forest Margin Areas of Sulawesi, Indonesia

Margaretha Z. Pangau-Adam, Matthias Waltert, Michael Mühlenberg

01.12.2006 | Ausgabe 13/2006

The Importance of Tropical Rain Forest Fragments to the Conservation of Plant Species Diversity in Los Tuxtlas, Mexico

Víctor Arroyo-Rodríguez, Salvador Mandujano

01.12.2006 | Ausgabe 13/2006

Development of the Concept of ‘Core Resident Species’ for Quality Assurance of an Insect Reserve

Augustine S. Niba, Michael J. Samways

01.12.2006 | Ausgabe 13/2006

Estimating Minimum Area of Suitable Habitat and Viable Population Size for the Northern Muriqui (Brachyteles hypoxanthus)

Daniel Brito, Carlos Eduardo V. Grelle

01.12.2006 | Ausgabe 13/2006

Home gardens in western Nepal: opportunities and challenges for on-farm management of agrobiodiversity

Sharmila Sunwar, Carl-Gustaf Thornström, Anil Subedi, Marie Bystrom

01.12.2006 | Ausgabe 13/2006

Application of Predictive Distribution Modelling to Invertebrates: Odonata in South Africa

Jemma M. Finch, Michael J. Samways, Trevor R. Hill, Steven E. Piper, Stuart Taylor

01.12.2006 | Ausgabe 13/2006

Biodiversity Characterization in Nubra Valley, Ladakh with Special Reference to Plant Resource Conservation and Bioprospecting

P. K. Joshi, G. S. Rawat, H. Padilya, P. S. Roy

01.12.2006 | Ausgabe 13/2006

Ecology and Management of Nesting Blue-and-Yellow Macaws (Ara ararauna) in Mauritia Palm Swamps

Donald Brightsmith, Adriana Bravo

01.12.2006 | Ausgabe 13/2006

Farmers’ Management of Finger Millet (Eleusine coracana L.) diversity in Tigray, Ethiopia and Implications for on-Farm Conservation

Yemane Tsehaye, Trygve Berg, Bayush Tsegaye, Tesema Tanto

01.12.2006 | Ausgabe 13/2006

Fox-hunting in England and Wales: its contribution to the management of woodland and other habitats

J. A. Ewald, S. E. Callegari, N. G. Kingdon, N. A. Graham

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