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Biodiversity and Conservation

Biodiversity and Conservation 4/2004

Ausgabe 4/2004

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 11 Artikel )

01.04.2004 | Ausgabe 4/2004

In situ conservation of crop wild relatives: status and trends

Brien A. Meilleur, Toby Hodgkin

01.04.2004 | Ausgabe 4/2004

A functional relationship between species richness of spiders and lichens in spruce

Bengt Gunnarsson, Mikael Hake, Svante Hultengren

01.04.2004 | Ausgabe 4/2004

The diversity of 15 ha of lowland mixed dipterocarp forest, Central Kalimantan

Peter Wilkie, George Argent, Elaine Cambell, Amiril Saridan

01.04.2004 | Ausgabe 4/2004

Discriminatory power of different arthropod data sets for the biological monitoring of anthropogenic disturbance in tropical forests

Yves Basset, Jacques F. Mavoungou, Jean Bruno Mikissa, Olivier Missa, Scott E. Miller, Roger L. Kitching, Alfonso Alonso

01.04.2004 | Ausgabe 4/2004

Effects of ungulates on epigeal arthropods in Sierra Nevada National Park (southeast Spain)

Adela González-Megías, José M. Gómez, Francisco Sánchez-PiÑero

01.04.2004 | Ausgabe 4/2004

Long-term tree population dynamics and their implications for the conservation of the Kakamega Forest, Kenya

Peter J. Fashing, Alison Forrestel, Christina Scully, Marina Cords

01.04.2004 | Ausgabe 4/2004

The use of specimen information influences the outcomes of Red List assessments: the case of southern African plant specimens

Janice S. Golding

01.04.2004 | Ausgabe 4/2004

Stormwater drainage pipes as a threat to a stream-dwelling amphipod of conservation significance, Austrogammarus australis, in southeastern Australia

Christopher J. Walsh, Phil J. Papas, Diane Crowther, Pua Tai Sim, Jaeyong Yoo

01.04.2004 | Ausgabe 4/2004

Parataxonomy vs. taxonomy in biodiversity studies – pitfalls and applicability of ‘morphospecies’ sorting

Frank-Thorsten Krell

01.04.2004 | Ausgabe 4/2004

Biodiversity and biodiversity conservation in Yunnan, China

Yuming Yang, Kun Tian, Jiming Hao, Shengji Pei, Yongxing Yang

01.04.2004 | Ausgabe 4/2004

Bio-folio: applying portfolio theory to biodiversity

Frank Figge

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