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18.11.2017 | Original Paper

Hydroxyalkylation of xylan using propylene carbonate: comparison of products from homo- and heterogeneous synthesis by HRMAS NMR and rheology

Xylan is a highly available polysaccharide in the plant kingdom and is therefore a valuable resource for novel materials from renewable resources. Hydroxyalkylation is one of the most common reactions to derivatize biopolymers by altering hydroxyl …

17.11.2017 | Original Paper

Durable flame retardant cellulosic fibers modified with novel, facile and efficient phytic acid-based finishing agent

As a renewable, abundant, and eco-friendly bio-based compound, phytic acid (PA) possesses high phosphorus content, which is a potential flame retardant for cellulosic fibers. Generally, PA is not efficient for cellulosic fibers due to strong …

16.11.2017 | Original Paper

Preparation and performance comparison of cellulose-based activated carbon fibres

Activated carbon fiber (ACF) is widely used sorbent material for wastewater treatment. Three natural cellulosic fibres (kapok, cotton, and ramie) and three regenerated cellulosic fibres (bamboo fiber, viscose, and lyocell) are used to prepare ACFs …

16.11.2017 | Original Paper

TiO2-grafted cellulose via click reaction: an efficient heavy metal ions bioadsorbent from aqueous solutions

In this paper, preparation, characterization and adsorption properties of a new biocompatible cellulose-titania based nanocomposite (Cell-Com) made by the click reaction were investigated. FTIR, XRD, FESEM, BET, EDX and ICP-OES analyses were used …

15.11.2017 | Original Paper

Towards a new generation of functional fiber-based packaging: cellulose nanofibers for improved barrier, mechanical and surface properties

The present work shows the suitability of using industrial fluting papers as raw material for the development of four different substrates, enzymatically refined and/or containing cellulose nanofibers (CNF) in bulk. These four substrates were …

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Cellulose is an international journal devoted to the dissemination of research and scientific and technological progress in the field of cellulose and related naturally occurring polymers. The journal is concerned with the pure and applied science of cellulose and related materials, and also with the development of relevant new technologies. This includes the chemistry, biochemistry, physics and materials science of cellulose and its sources, including wood and other biomass resources, and their derivatives. Coverage extends to the conversion of these polymers and resources into manufactured goods, such as pulp, paper, textiles, and manufactured as well natural fibers, and to the chemistry of materials used in their processing. Cellulose publishes review articles, research papers, and technical notes.

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