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15.06.2018 | Original Paper

Study of xylan adsorption onto poly(ethylene terephthalate) using QCM-D

Synthetic polymers, like poly(ethylene terephthalate), polytetrafluoroethylene, polypropylene, etc., still play an important role in medical applications owing to their mechanical properties, which could be comparable and supportive to the …

15.06.2018 | Original Paper

Unconventional synthesis, characterization and theoretical study (HF and DFT computations) of new cellulosic copper complex: benzyloxyethyl cellulose copper (CuBEC)

In recent years, the medical and the pharmaceutical attractiveness of the complexes based on polysaccharides and their derivatives have increased. Thus, the literature is concerned with notable efforts, including the preparation of new blood …

14.06.2018 | Original Paper

Cellulose acetate fibres surface modified with AlOOH/Cu particles: synthesis, characterization and antimicrobial activity

The AlOOH/Cu modified cellulose acetate fibres were prepared by a facile one-step method. First, the cellulose acetate fibres were treated in an aqueous suspension with the bimetallic Al/Cu nanoparticles, followed by their oxidation. Copper and …

14.06.2018 | Original Paper

Design and synthesis of functionalized cellulose nanocrystals-based drug conjugates for colon-targeted drug delivery

In recent years, the development for improving colon-targeted delivery systems is rapidly growing. There are currently few strategies to achieve colon-targeted release such as pH-dependent, time-dependent, pressure-controlled and microflora …

13.06.2018 | Original Paper

Synthesis of Ag–Fe3O4 nanoparticles supported on polydopamine-functionalized porous cellulose acetate microspheres: catalytic and antibacterial applications

Functionalization of biopolymer with multi-component nanohybrids has drawn increasing attention because of the distinctive performance in diverse areas of application, such as energy storage, biosensor, drug delivery, and bioimaging due to their …

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Cellulose is an international journal devoted to the dissemination of research and scientific and technological progress in the field of cellulose and related naturally occurring polymers. The journal is concerned with the pure and applied science of cellulose and related materials, and also with the development of relevant new technologies. This includes the chemistry, biochemistry, physics and materials science of cellulose and its sources, including wood and other biomass resources, and their derivatives. Coverage extends to the conversion of these polymers and resources into manufactured goods, such as pulp, paper, textiles, and manufactured as well natural fibers, and to the chemistry of materials used in their processing. Cellulose publishes review articles, research papers, and technical notes.

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