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25.05.2017 | Original Paper

A simple and efficient protocol to develop durable multifunctional property to cellulosic materials using in situ generated nano-ZnO

This article focuses on the development of a durable multi-functional finish for cotton fabric by direct synthesis of nano zinc oxide (nano-ZnO) particles in the pores of the fibres. Anions and cations of zinc nitrate interacted with cellulose …

25.05.2017 | Original Paper

Facile one-step extraction and oxidative carboxylation of cellulose nanocrystals through hydrothermal reaction by using mixed inorganic acids

A facile and efficient approach to prepare carboxylated cellulose nanocrystals (CCNCs) is presented through a novel one-step hydrothermal procedure by using a mixed acid system of hydrochloric acid and nitric acid (HCl/HNO3). The as-prepared …

24.05.2017 | Original Paper

Pyrolysed cellulose nanofibrils and dandelion pappus in supercapacitor application

Dandelion pappus and wood based nanocellulose fibrils were combined to form films that were subsequently pyrolyzed under low-pressure conditions in a carbon monoxide (CO) rich atmosphere to make supercapacitor electrode material. The electrodes …

17.05.2017 | Original Paper

Ensemble evaluation of polydisperse nanocellulose dimensions: rheology, electron microscopy, X-ray scattering and turbidimetry

Six types of CNCs with different sizes were prepared from tunicins by sulfuric acid hydrolysis and subsequent sonication in water. The size distributions of CNCs were comprehensively evaluated by turbidimetry, small angle X-ray scattering, and …

15.05.2017 | Original Paper

Synthesis and properties of novel stilbene-twelve alkyl quaternary ammonium salts as antibacterial optical whitening agents

Four novel stilbene-twelve alkyl quaternary ammonium salts 5a–d were synthesized. All synthesized compounds were characterized by FT-IR, 1H-NMR and elemental analysis. Compounds 5a–d showed efficient whitening effect on cotton fiber and high …

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Cellulose is an international journal devoted to the dissemination of research and scientific and technological progress in the field of cellulose and related naturally occurring polymers. The journal is concerned with the pure and applied science of cellulose and related materials, and also with the development of relevant new technologies. This includes the chemistry, biochemistry, physics and materials science of cellulose and its sources, including wood and other biomass resources, and their derivatives. Coverage extends to the conversion of these polymers and resources into manufactured goods, such as pulp, paper, textiles, and manufactured as well natural fibers, and to the chemistry of materials used in their processing. Cellulose publishes review articles, research papers, and technical notes.

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