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Computational Mechanics

Solids, Materials, Complex Fluids, Fluid-Structure-Interaction, Biological Systems, Micromechanics, Multiscale Mechanics, Additive Manufacturing


Computational Mechanics OnlineFirst articles

Open Access 02.07.2022 | Original Paper

Two-scale off-and online approaches to geometrically exact elastoplastic rods

This work compares two different computational approaches to geometrically exact elastoplastic rods. The first approach applies an elastoplastic constitutive model in terms of stress resultants, i.e. forces and moments. It requires knowledge of …

Open Access 29.06.2022 | Original Paper

Non-negative moment fitting quadrature for cut finite elements and cells undergoing large deformations

Fictitious domain methods, such as the finite cell method, simplify the discretization of a domain significantly. This is because the mesh does not need to conform to the domain of interest. However, because the mesh generation is simplified …

Open Access 28.06.2022 | Original Paper

Generating polycrystalline microstructures with prescribed tensorial texture coefficients

This work is concerned with synthetic microstructure models of polycrystalline materials. Once a representation of the microstructure is generated, the individual grains need to be furnished with suitable crystal orientations, matching a specific …

26.06.2022 | Original Paper

Modeling arbitrarily oriented and reorienting multiscale cracks in composite materials with adaptive multiscale discrete damage theory

An adaptive multiscale modeling approach based on the multiscale discrete damage theory (MDDT) is established to describe formation of arbitrarily oriented and progressively reorienting cracks at multiple scales in heterogenous materials. MDDT …

21.06.2022 | Original Paper

Data-driven multiscale method for composite plates

Composite plates are widely used in many engineering fields such as aerospace and automotive. An accurate and efficient multiscale modeling and simulation strategy is of paramount importance to improve design and manufacture. To this end, we …

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The journal reports original research of scholarly value in computational engineering and sciences. It focuses on areas that involve and enrich the application of mechanics, mathematics and numerical methods. It covers new methods and computationally-challenging technologies.
Areas covered include solid and structural mechanics, fluid mechanics and fluid-structure interactions, free-surface and two-fluid flows, aerodynamics, biomechanics and mechanics in medicine, multiphysics, fracture mechanics and structural integrity, multiscale mechanics, particle and meshfree methods, and nanomechanics and nanomaterials. Manuscripts reporting results obtained with established methods, unless they involve challenging computations, are not encouraged.

Computational Mechanics
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