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Computational Mechanics

Solids, Materials, Complex Fluids, Fluid-Structure-Interaction, Biological Systems, Micromechanics, Multiscale Mechanics, Additive Manufacturing

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26.05.2020 | Original Paper

Topology optimization based on deep representation learning (DRL) for compliance and stress-constrained design

This paper proposed a new topology optimization method based on geometry deep learning. The density distribution in design domain is described by deep neural networks. Compared to traditional density-based method, using geometry deep learning …

23.05.2020 | Original Paper

A phase field computational procedure for electromigration with specified contact angle and diffusional anisotropy

Electromigration in electrical interconnects with high current density causes voids to form and grow near the cathode. These voids can possibly grow large enough to cause open circuit failure. The simulation of electromigration void nucleation and …

21.05.2020 | Original Paper Open Access

Comparing mixed hybrid finite element method with standard FEM in swelling simulations involving extremely large deformations

Swelling involving (extremely) large deformations simulations have wide range of applications in biomedicine, tissue engineering and hygienic product design. Typically, standard FEM is used in which deformations and chemical potential are chosen …

18.05.2020 | Original Paper Open Access

A modelling framework for coupled hydrogen diffusion and mechanical behaviour of engineering components

In this paper, we propose a finite element formulation for solving coupled mechanical/diffusion problems. In particular, we study hydrogen diffusion in metals and its impact on their mechanical behaviour (i.e. hydrogen embrittlement). The …

16.05.2020 | Original Paper

A Petrov–Galerkin finite element-meshfree formulation for multi-dimensional fractional diffusion equations

Meshfree methods with arbitrary order smooth approximation are very attractive for accurate numerical modeling of fractional differential equations, especially for multi-dimensional problems. However, the non-local property of fractional …

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The journal reports original research of scholarly value in computational engineering and sciences. It focuses on areas that involve and enrich the application of mechanics, mathematics and numerical methods. It covers new methods and computationally-challenging technologies.
Areas covered include solid and structural mechanics, fluid mechanics and fluid-structure interactions, free-surface and two-fluid flows, aerodynamics, biomechanics and mechanics in medicine, multiphysics, fracture mechanics and structural integrity, multiscale mechanics, particle and meshfree methods, and nanomechanics and nanomaterials. Manuscripts reporting results obtained with established methods, unless they involve challenging computations, are not encouraged.

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