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23.11.2018 | Driver Assistance Systems | News | Onlineartikel

Jaguar Land Rover tests V2X communication with traffic lights

Patrick Schäfer
30 Sek. Lesedauer

Jaguar Land Rover is testing a traffic light assistant. With the Green Light Optimal Speed Advisory system, the vehicle and traffic lights "talk" to each other, improving the flow of traffic in cities.

In the UK Autodrive project, Jaguar Land Rover is researching a Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2X) system that enables vehicles to communicate with traffic lights. The Green Light Optimal Speed Advisory (Glosa) Traffic Light Assist system is being tested using a modified Jaguar F-Pace and specially equipped traffic lights. The system recommends the best speed to the driver on the approach to traffic lights, avoiding unnecessary braking or accelerating. 

"This cutting-edge technology will radically reduce the time we waste at traffic lights. It has the potential to revolutionise driving by creating safe, free-flowing cities that take the stress out of commuting", says Oriol Quintana-Morales, Jaguar Land Rover Connected Technology Research Engineer. The British luxury car brand is testing further V2X applications for smart and automated driving in its UK Autodrive project. 

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