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30.06.2022 | Original Paper

Economic institutions and horizontal checks and balances in the Chinese bureaucratic system: evidence at the prefecture-city level

In China, “democratic centralism” complicates horizontal and vertical bargaining among politicians. Higher-level cadres need to consider not only principal-agent (vertical) relationships but also (horizontal) relationships between lower-level …

07.06.2022 | Original Paper

Political competition and economic performance: evidence from Indonesia

This paper analyses the impact of political competition on economic performance in Indonesia. This study uses a database covering 427 districts in Indonesia, from 2000 to 2013. Political competition is measured using the Herfindahl Hirschman …

18.05.2022 | Original Paper

New sports facilities do not drive migration between US cities

Migrants play a vital role in economic development, and city amenities play an important role in attracting migrants. This paper explores the role of one such amenity—major league sports stadiums—plays in intra-U.S. migration decisions. We use …

18.02.2022 | Original Paper

The impact of winter Olympic games participation on NHL attendance

The Winter Olympics occur once every four years during the first few weeks of February, which is in the middle of the National Hockey League (NHL) regular season. Prior to 1998, the International Olympic Committee prohibited participation by …

04.02.2022 | Original Paper

United we feel stronger? On the Olympics and political ideology

Collective ideologies are a feature of the Olympic Games as individual athletes represent entire nations. Prior research has explored one dimension of Olympic ideology, finding a link between national pride and hosting the Olympics. This paper …

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Interdisciplinary contributions come from economists, organizational scholars, and political scientists. Moreover, the journal features several approaches to help readers gain new insights and perspectives on current topics in the field, including formal theoretical analysis, systematic observation, simulation, and empirical studies.

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