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Empirical Software Engineering

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Studying the difference between natural and programming language corpora

Code corpora, as observed in large software systems, are now known to be far more repetitive and predictable than natural language corpora. But why? Does the difference simply arise from the syntactic limitations of programming languages? Or does …


Introduction to the special issue on software analysis, evolution, and reengineering

The increasing interest in the Mining Software Repositories (MSR) field has pushed the software engineering research community to propose techniques and tools aimed at supporting large-scale MSR studies. In this context, Alexandru et al. present a …


Using bug descriptions to reformulate queries during text-retrieval-based bug localization

Text Retrieval (TR)-based approaches for bug localization rely on formulating an initial query based on the full text of a bug report. When the query fails to retrieve the buggy code artifacts, developers can reformulate the query and retrieve …


An empirical study of DLL injection bugs in the Firefox ecosystem

DLL injection is a technique used for executing code within the address space of another process by forcing the load of a dynamic-link library. In a software ecosystem, the interactions between the host and third-party software increase the …


Associating working memory capacity and code change ordering with code review performance

Change-based code review is a software quality assurance technique that is widely used in practice. Therefore, better understanding what influences performance in code reviews and finding ways to improve it can have a large impact. In this study …

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Über diese Zeitschrift

Empirical Software Engineering provides a forum for applied software engineering research with a strong empirical component, and a venue for publishing empirical results relevant to both researchers and practitioners. Empirical studies presented here usually involve the collection and analysis of data and experience that can be used to characterize, evaluate and reveal relationships between software development deliverables, practices, and technologies. Over time, it is expected that such empirical results will form a body of knowledge leading to widely accepted and well-formed theories.

The journal also offers industrial experience reports detailing the application of software technologies - processes, methods, or tools - and their effectiveness in industrial settings.

Empirical Software Engineering promotes the publication of industry-relevant research, to address the significant gap between research and practice.

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Best Practices für die Mitarbeiter-Partizipation in der Produktentwicklung

Unternehmen haben das Innovationspotenzial der eigenen Mitarbeiter auch außerhalb der F&E-Abteilung erkannt. Viele Initiativen zur Partizipation scheitern in der Praxis jedoch häufig. Lesen Sie hier  - basierend auf einer qualitativ-explorativen Expertenstudie - mehr über die wesentlichen Problemfelder der mitarbeiterzentrierten Produktentwicklung und profitieren Sie von konkreten Handlungsempfehlungen aus der Praxis.
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