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Energy, Ecology and Environment

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15.10.2018 | Original Article

Prioritization of prospective third-generation biofuel diatom strains

Energy has been playing a pivotal role in the progress and prosperity of a nation. Growing demands with dwindling stock of fossil fuels with the associated greenhouse gas (GHG) footprint and the consequent changes in the climate during the …

03.10.2018 | Original Article

Thermochemical characterization of Nigerian Jatropha curcas fruit and seed residues for biofuel production

This study investigates the thermochemical properties of the separate components of jatropha biomass residues of Nigerian origin towards bio-oil production. The biomass residues (Jatropha curcas fruit shells and seed coat) were obtained from their …

20.09.2018 | Original Research Article

Land use changes: a key ecological driver regulating methanotrophs abundance in upland soils

Land use changes have been recognized as one of the key ecological drivers in regulation of methane (CH4) consumption from dry upland soils. This study investigated the impact of land use changes and different soil depths (0–10, 10–20 and 20–30 …

14.09.2018 | Original Article Open Access

Public perceptions of shale gas in the UK: framing effects and decision heuristics

Using two equivalent descriptions of the shale gas development process, we asked individuals to indicate their levels of support as well as their perceptions of the risks and costs involved. In version 1, shale gas development was framed as …

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This journal offers a discipline-spanning forum for investigating shortages of natural resources, impacts on ecosystems and deterioration of the natural environment. Its coverage is focused on approaches that integrate considerations of energy, ecology and environment and that utilize its cross disciplinary integration to function as a needed counterbalance to the dominant economic approach. The journal fosters close links among these interrelated areas of investigation, to set up systems science based on knowledge from other sciences and to promote multidisciplinary solutions for tackling complex socio-economic and environmental problems. Topics covered include energy economics; life cycle assessment; carbon capture, storage and sequestration; sustainable energy production and consumption and more. A publication of the Joint Center on Global Change and Earth System Science of the University of Maryland and Beijing Normal University.

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Systemische Notwendigkeit zur Weiterentwicklung von Hybridnetzen

Die Entwicklung des mitteleuropäischen Energiesystems und insbesondere die Weiterentwicklung der Energieinfrastruktur sind konfrontiert mit einer stetig steigenden Diversität an Herausforderungen, aber auch mit einer zunehmenden Komplexität in den Lösungsoptionen. Vor diesem Hintergrund steht die Weiterentwicklung von Hybridnetzen symbolisch für das ganze sich in einer Umbruchsphase befindliche Energiesystem: denn der Notwendigkeit einer Schaffung und Bildung der Hybridnetze aus systemischer und volkswirtschaftlicher Perspektive steht sozusagen eine Komplexitätsfalle gegenüber, mit der die Branche in der Vergangenheit in dieser Intensität nicht konfrontiert war. Jetzt gratis downloaden!