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Energy, Ecology and Environment

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17.05.2018 | Original Article

City-level environmental performance in China

Measuring cities’ environmental performance can provide an analytical foundation for evaluating and comparing the governmental efforts in improving environmental performance and promoting sustainable development. In this paper, we employ an …

10.05.2018 | Original Article

Influence of induced plant volatile and refuge in tritrophic model

Plant-induced volatile plays a significant role in plant–herbivore–carnivore interaction. Attraction rate of volatiles influences the immigration rate of carnivores, and hence, predation pressure on herbivores increases. Herbivores take refuge …

04.05.2018 | Original Article

Indian spinach: an underutilized perennial leafy vegetable for nutritional security in developing world

Exploration and sustainable utilization of wild crops are essential for the dietary diversification and also for ensuring the nutritional requirements of growing human population. In this background, the present study was undertaken to evaluate …

09.04.2018 | Original Article

State of the art of polymeric nanoparticles as carrier systems with agricultural applications: a minireview

Polymeric nanoparticles have been developed as carrier systems for agrochemicals aimed at pest control and increased crop yields. This minireview summarizes the recent progress and challenges in the design and application of polymeric …

02.04.2018 | Original Article

Biological degradation of toluene by indigenous bacteria Acinetobacter junii CH005 isolated from petroleum contaminated sites in India

The bacterium Acinetobacter junii was isolated from petroleum-contaminated site in India and tested for its efficiency in degradation of toluene under aerobic condition. Within pH range 4–9, the optimum pH for toluene biodegradation was found to …

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This journal offers a discipline-spanning forum for investigating shortages of natural resources, impacts on ecosystems and deterioration of the natural environment. Its coverage is focused on approaches that integrate considerations of energy, ecology and environment and that utilize its cross disciplinary integration to function as a needed counterbalance to the dominant economic approach. The journal fosters close links among these interrelated areas of investigation, to set up systems science based on knowledge from other sciences and to promote multidisciplinary solutions for tackling complex socio-economic and environmental problems. Topics covered include energy economics; life cycle assessment; carbon capture, storage and sequestration; sustainable energy production and consumption and more. A publication of the Joint Center on Global Change and Earth System Science of the University of Maryland and Beijing Normal University.

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Unsicherheitsabschätzung für die Berechnung von dynamischen Überschwemmungskarten – Fallstudie Kulmbach

Das vom BMBF geförderte Projekt FloodEvac hat zum Ziel, im Hochwasserfall räumliche und zeitliche Informationen der Hochwassergefährdung bereitzustellen. Im hier vorgestellten Teilprojekt werden Überschwemmungskarten zu Wassertiefen und Fließgeschwindigkeiten unter Angabe der Modellunsicherheiten berechnet.
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