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18.02.2019 | Original Article

Physical and chemical assays of maize stalk fractions for ethanol production

Maize stalk has been identified as a potential biomass for bio-ethanol production and has always been handled as a single biomass, though it is a heterogeneous mix of pith and rind fractions. Physical and chemical assays were conducted on each …

14.02.2019 | Original Article

Response of alley cropping-grown sesame to lime and sulphur on yield and available nutrient status in an acidic soil of Eastern India

Applications of lime (CaCO3) and elemental sulphur (S0–S) may be important to obtain high yield of sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) in an acidic soil. Thus, the overall goal of the present study was to assess the impact of lime and S application on …

13.02.2019 | Original Article

Study on enzyme inhibition in biodiesel synthesis: effect of stepwise addition of methanol and removal of glycerol

Enzymatic transesterification is known as the most favourable and suitable method for biodiesel synthesis from vegetable oil or animal fat. Deactivation of enzyme during biodiesel synthesis remains a large barrier. Stepwise addition of alcohol and …

02.02.2019 | Original Article

Improvement of power quality in grid-connected inverter through adaptation-based control strategy

This paper describes power quality improvement, which has attracted the attention of the electricity distribution companies and subscribers. The idea of improving power quality is considered as the universal concept for various types of the power …

29.01.2019 | Original Article

Offshore wind potential and wind atlas over the Oman Maritime Zone

This study, focused on Oman, has been motivated by the electrical power demand increase, global warming concerns, and technological advances in renewable energy production. The main objective of the study was to investigate the offshore wind …

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This journal offers a discipline-spanning forum for investigating shortages of natural resources, impacts on ecosystems and deterioration of the natural environment. Its coverage is focused on approaches that integrate considerations of energy, ecology and environment and that utilize its cross disciplinary integration to function as a needed counterbalance to the dominant economic approach. The journal fosters close links among these interrelated areas of investigation, to set up systems science based on knowledge from other sciences and to promote multidisciplinary solutions for tackling complex socio-economic and environmental problems. Topics covered include energy economics; life cycle assessment; carbon capture, storage and sequestration; sustainable energy production and consumption and more. A publication of the Joint Center on Global Change and Earth System Science of the University of Maryland and Beijing Normal University.

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Systemische Notwendigkeit zur Weiterentwicklung von Hybridnetzen

Die Entwicklung des mitteleuropäischen Energiesystems und insbesondere die Weiterentwicklung der Energieinfrastruktur sind konfrontiert mit einer stetig steigenden Diversität an Herausforderungen, aber auch mit einer zunehmenden Komplexität in den Lösungsoptionen. Vor diesem Hintergrund steht die Weiterentwicklung von Hybridnetzen symbolisch für das ganze sich in einer Umbruchsphase befindliche Energiesystem: denn der Notwendigkeit einer Schaffung und Bildung der Hybridnetze aus systemischer und volkswirtschaftlicher Perspektive steht sozusagen eine Komplexitätsfalle gegenüber, mit der die Branche in der Vergangenheit in dieser Intensität nicht konfrontiert war. Jetzt gratis downloaden!