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Energy, Ecology and Environment

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15.07.2019 | Original Article

Creating a global database “Nanomaterials in the soil environment”: future need for the terrestrial ecosystem

The revolutionary nanotechnology has generated environment safety concerns due to accumulation and toxicity behavior of nanomaterials. Given the wide application of various nanomaterials in daily products of our life, their environmental release …

12.07.2019 | View Point

India’s bioenergy policy

On December 31, 2002, the Shatabdi Express, one of the top trains in India, ran from Amritsar to New Delhi using fuel blended with Jatropha curcas L. (Jatropha) seed oil. After this, very ambitious goals were set by India in 2003 to blend 20% …

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This journal offers a discipline-spanning forum for investigating shortages of natural resources, impacts on ecosystems and deterioration of the natural environment. Its coverage is focused on approaches that integrate considerations of energy, ecology and environment and that utilize its cross disciplinary integration to function as a needed counterbalance to the dominant economic approach. The journal fosters close links among these interrelated areas of investigation, to set up systems science based on knowledge from other sciences and to promote multidisciplinary solutions for tackling complex socio-economic and environmental problems. Topics covered include energy economics; life cycle assessment; carbon capture, storage and sequestration; sustainable energy production and consumption and more. A publication of the Joint Center on Global Change and Earth System Science of the University of Maryland and Beijing Normal University.

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