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Experimental Mechanics

An International Journal Integrating Experimental Methods with the Mechanical Behavior of Materials and Structures

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07.05.2021 | Research paper

The Potential Scope of the Ultrasonic Surface Reflection Method Towards Mechanical Characterisation of Isotropic Materials. Part 1. A Theoretical Analysis

Ultrasonic methods are commonly used to determine the high-frequency mechanical properties of materials [ 1 , 2 ]. Most ultrasonic methods are based on measurements of amplitude and time-of-flight of ultrasonic waves through a sample of known …

07.05.2021 | Research paper

The Potential Scope of the Ultrasonic Surface Reflection Method Towards Mechanical Characterisation of Isotropic Materials. Part 2. Experimental Results

Ultrasounds have been used since a long time to measure the mechanical properties of materials. The most commonly used techniques are the Transmission Method (TM), the Transmission in Water Bath Method (TWBM) and the Pulse-echo method (BRM). These …

04.05.2021 | Research paper

A Novel Experimental Strategy for In situ SR-CT Mechanical Loading Test

Visualization of internal microstructure evolution under mechanical loading is an important method to reveal fracture mechanisms [ 1 – 4 ]. High-resolution tomography is an effective way to detect damage and prevent fracture. On the basis of …


On the cover of this Issue: In Situ SEM High Strain Rate Testing of Large Diameter Micropillars Followed by TEM and EBSD Postmortem Analysis by Z. Lin, D. J. Magagnosc, J. Wen, C.-S. Oh, S.-M. Kim, and H. D. Espinosa

28.04.2021 | Research paper

Experimental Study on the Elastic–plastic Transitions of the Hetero-structured High Pressure Die Casting Mg–Al-RE Alloy

Due to the low density and high specific strength, high pressure die casting (HPDC) Mg alloys are the promising candidates for partially substituting Al alloys and steels in the automobile and aerospace industries, where lightweight structural …

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Experimental Mechanics, the official journal of the Society for Experimental Mechanics, publishes papers in all areas of the field, including its theoretical and computational analysis. The journal addresses research in design and implementation of novel or enhanced experiments to characterize materials, structures, and systems. Readers will also find articles extending the frontiers of experimental mechanics at both large and small scales.

This journal’s coverage extends from research in solid and fluid mechanics to fields at the intersection of disciplines such as physics, chemistry, and biology. The development of new devices and technologies for metrology applications in a wide range of industrial sectors is also covered.

In addition to primary research articles, Experimental Mechanics publishes review articles, brief technical notes, and applications articles that discuss important emerging technologies.

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