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Effect of Gel-spun Solution Concentration on the Structure and Properties of UHMWPE Monofilaments with Coarse Denier

Even though many efforts about the preparation of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) fibers have been reported since last century, the spinning technology of high solution concentration UHMWPE fibers was still pursued by many …


A Robust Sericin Hydrogel Formed by a Native Sericin from Silkworm Bodies

Sericin hydrogels with a serial of excellent properties are attractive in tissue engineering but still limited due to their poor mechanical strength. In this study we report a robust sericin hydrogel with high elastic modulus (310 kPa) that was …


Performance Properties of PP/Sisal Fibre Composites having Near Critical Fibre Length and Prediction of Their Properties

Critical fibre length (Lc) of natural fibre as reinforcement for polymeric composites is an essential parameter for enhancing mechanical properties. In this work, the effect of fibre treatment and addition of polypropylene grafted maleic anhydride …


Structure and Properties of Thermotropic Polyarylate/Polycarbonate Blends Compatibilized by Catalyst-assisted Ester-Carbonate Interchange Reactions

We herein report the morphology, rheological, thermal, and dynamic mechanical properties of thermotropic polyarylate/polycarbonate (PAR/PC, 70/30 by wt%) blends, which are compatibilized via melt-processing in the presence of different …


Preparation of Layered Aramid Nanomembranes by Vacuum Assisted Filtration Using Water and Ethanol as Proton Donors

In this paper, two kinds of proton donors, including water and ethanol, are introduced to prepare aramid nanofibers (ANFs) films. The formation mechanism of ANFs films and the influence of water and ethanol have been investigated. The main …

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Fibers and Polymers, the journal of the Korean Fiber Society, provides you with state-of-the-art research in fiber and polymer science and technology related to developments in the textile industry.
Bridging the gap between fiber science and polymer science, the journal's topics include fiber structure and property, dyeing and finishing, textile processing, and apparel science.

Ranks 9 out of 19 in the ISI category Materials Science, Textiles with an Impact Factor of 0.531.

The international bimonthly journal Fibers and Polymers publishes original research results in the fields of fiber and polymer science & engineering. Founded in the beginning of a new millennium, Fibers and Polymers starts with international readership and authorship, combining into one journal such closely related themes as fiber and polymer technologies.
Fibers and Polymers is unique because it covers interdisciplinary areas related to fibers, polymers, textiles, apparels, colorants, fiber composites, and polymer processing.


  • Chemistry of Fiber Materials, Polymer Reactions and Synthesis
  • Physical Properties of Fibers, Polymer Blends and Composites
  • Fiber Spinning and Textile Processing, Polymer Physics, Morphology
  • Colorants and Dyeing, Polymer Analysis and Characterization
  • Chemical Aftertreatment of Textiles, Polymer Processing and Rheology
  • Textile and Apparel Science, Functional Polymers 
Fibers and Polymers
Jahrgang 1/2000 - Jahrgang 23/2022
The Korean Fiber Society
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