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Fire Technology

Ausgabe 4/2023

Inhalt (30 Artikel)

Review of Research on Human Behavior in Large Outdoor Fires

Negar Elhami-Khorasani, Max Kinateder, Vincent Lemiale, Samuel L. Manzello, Ido Marom, Leorey Marquez, Sayaka Suzuki, Maria Theodori, Yu Wang, Stephen D. Wong

Open Access

A Sensitivity Study of a Thermal Propagation Model in an Automotive Battery Module

Chen Huang, Roeland Bisschop, Johan Anderson

Investigations on Self-extinction of Incense Sticks

A. Ve. Sowriraajan, A. Shivakumar, Sachin Payyanad, C. S. Bhaskar Dixit, H. S. Mukunda

Full-Scale Experimental Study on the Integrity of Tempered Glass Protected by Different Sprinkler Systems in High-Rise Building Fire

Dong Wang, Xiaoyu Ju, Jia Gui, Yaqiang Jiang, Zhizuan Zhou, Xiaodong Zhou, Junjun Liu, Lizhong Yang

Open Access

Numerical Simulations of Gas Burner Experiments in a Residential Structure with HVAC System

Dushyant M. Chaudhari, Craig Weinschenk, Jason E. Floyd

Heat Transfer in Ultra-High-Performance Concrete-Filled Double-Skin Tubes Under Fire Conditions

A. H. A. Abdelrahman, Mohamed Ghannam, Sameh Lotfy, Mohammad AlHamaydeh

Automating Fire Detection and Suppression with Computer Vision: A Multi-Layered Filtering Approach to Enhanced Fire Safety and Rapid Response

Md Safwan Mondal, Varun Prasad, Ramendra Kumar, Nilendu Saha, Saumadeep Guha, Ratna Ghosh, Achintya Mukhopadhyay, Sourav Sarkar

Open Access

A Novel Method to Improve Robustness of End Plate Connections at Elevated Temperatures Using Bolt Sleeves

Mohamed A. Shaheen, Lee S. Cunningham, Andrew S. J. Foster

Shielding Encapsulation to Enhance Fire Endurance of Phase Change Materials in Energy-Efficient Concrete

Muhammad Farhan Saleem, Wasim Khaliq, Rao Arsalan Khushnood, Muhammad Rizwan, Hassan Sardar

Open Access

Design Fire Methodology for Vehicle Spaces Onboard Ships

Ioanna A. Koromila, Kostas J. Spyrou

Analysis of Thermal Radiation Emitted from Partially Premixed Methane–Air Jet Flames

A. Palacios, L. Zarate-López, M. J. Alvarez-Guapillo, D. Cortés-Sigüenza

Open Access

Gait Biomechanics While Walking Down an Incline After Exhaustion

Amitava Halder, Axel Nordin, Michael Miller, Chuansi Gao

Characterization of Medium-Scale Propane Pool Fires

Ryan L. Falkenstein-Smith, Kunhyuk Sung, Anthony Hamins

Open Access

Closing Data Gaps and Paving the Way for Pan-European Fire Safety Efforts: Part I—Overview of Current Practices for Fire Statistics

Martina Manes, Mohamad El Houssami, Richard Campbell, Ana Sauca, David Rush, Anja Hofmann, Petra Andersson, Peter Wagner, Sergei Sokolov, Johanna Veeneklaas, Margrethe Kobes, Dirk Oberhagemann, Nicola Rupp, Grunde Jomaas, Friedrich Grone, Patrick van Hees, Eric Guillaume

Open Access

Closing Data Gaps and Paving the Way for Pan-European Fire Safety Efforts: Part II—Terminology of Fire Statistical Variables

Martina Manes, Ana Sauca, Mohamad El Houssami, Petra Andersson, Colin McIntyre, Richard Campbell, David Rush, Anja Hofmann, Peter Wagner, Sergei Sokolov, Mindel Leene, Margrethe Kobes, Dirk Oberhagemann, Nicola Rupp, Grunde Jomaas, Friedrich Grone, Eric Guillaume

Influence of the Exhaust Volume on Boundary Layer Separation Under the Lateral Concentrated Smoke Exhaust Mode in Immersed Tunnel Fires

Pai Xu, Daiqiang Zhu, Keyu Chen, Chuanyong Wen, Tipeng Zheng, Rongjun Xing, Shuping Jiang, Linjie Li

Cost–Benefit Analysis of Fire Protection in Buildings: Application of a Present Net Value Approach

Thomas Gernay, Shuna Ni, David Unobe, Andrea Lucherini, Ranjit Chaudhary, Ruben Van Coile

Open Access

Factors Affecting the Fire Safety Design of Photovoltaic Installations Under Performance-Based Regulations in Norway

Brynhild Garberg Olsø, Reidar Stølen, Ragni Fjellgaard Mikalsen, Nora Schjøth Bunkholt, Kathinka Leikanger Friquin, Jostein Hjertnes

Open Access

Exposure Risks and Potential Control Measures for a Fire Behavior Lab Training Structure: Part A—Fire Dynamics and Thermal Risk

Keith Stakes, Joseph M. Willi, Ryan Chaffer, Daniel Madrzykowski, Gavin P. Horn

An Investigation of Oxygen Availability in Spreading Fires

Alexandra N. Howell, Erica L. Belmont, Sara S. McAllister, Mark A. Finney