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Fire Technology

Ausgabe 6/2023

Inhalt (30 Artikel)

Short Communication

Classification and Fire Safety of Informal Settlements in China

Yu Wang, Ting Xia, Hongli Ruan, Chia Lung Wu, David Rush, Luke Bisby, Jinhua Sun


Use of Unmanned Aerial Systems in Outdoor Firefighting

Brian Y. Lattimer, Xinyan Huang, Michael A. Delichatsios, Yiannis A. Levendis, Kevin Kochersberger, Samuel Manzello, Peter Frank, Tombo Jones, Jordi Salvador, Conrad Delgado, Eduard Angelats, M. Eulàlia Parés, David Martín, Sara McAllister, Sayaka Suzuki

Open Access

Influence of Particle Size on the Flammability and Explosibility of Biomass Dusts: Is a New Approach Needed?

Blanca Castells, Alberto Tascón, Isabel Amez, Nieves Fernandez-Anez

Generating Synthetic Sensor Data to Facilitate Machine Learning Paradigm for Prediction of Building Fire Hazard

Wai Cheong Tam, Eugene Yujun Fu, Richard Peacock, Paul Reneke, Jun Wang, Jiajia Li, Thomas Cleary

Door Messaging Strategies: Implications for Detection and Notification

Stephen M. Olenick, Haavard R. Boehmer, Michael S. Klassen

Open Access

Prescriptive Building Regulations, Safety Objectives, and Residual Risk in Germany

Björn Maiworm, Claudius Hammann, Michael Schleich

Open Access

Exposure Risks and Potential Control Measures for a Fire Behavior Lab Training Structure: Part B—Chemical Gas Concentrations

Gavin P. Horn, Keith Stakes, Danielle L. Neumann, Daniel Madrzykowski, Kenneth W. Fent

A Survey of Fire Loads on Private Residential Balconies in England

Sam Bryant, Ieuan Rickard, Michael Spearpoint

Open Access

Burning Rate of Wood Cribs with Controlled Airflow

S. McAllister, T. Grumstrup

Open Access

Calculating Heat Release Rates from Lithium-Ion Battery Fires: A Methodology Using Digital Imaging

Malcom S. Wise, Paul A. Christensen, Neville Dickman, Joe McDonald, Wojciech Mrozik, Simon M. Lambert, Francesco Restuccia

Ignition and Flame Spreading Features of Excessively Overloaded Polyvinyl Chloride Copper Wires

Jun Deng, Qing-Wen Lin, Yang Li, Huai-Bin Wang, Cai-Ping Wang, Yan-Hong Zhao, Hui-Fei Lyu, Chi-Min Shu