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Geotechnical and Geological Engineering 12/2022
Geotechnical and Geological Engineering

Ausgabe 12/2022


Inhaltsverzeichnis (15 Artikel)

24.07.2022 | Original Paper

Designing the Surface and Underground Blasting Operations to Avoid Damage to Concrete Structures in Gotvand Olya Dam Using Genetic Algorithm
Moein Bahadori

29.07.2022 | Original Paper

An Overview of Chimney Subsidence Above Coal Mines
Gennaro G. Marino, Siavash Zamiran, Flavinson Almiron

29.07.2022 | Original Paper

A Blind Thrust Fault Ruptured During the 10 October 2018 Situbondo, East Java, Indonesia, Earthquake Estimated Using GNSS Data
Sindi Hajah Patimah, Endra Gunawan, Sri Widiyantoro, Wahyu Triyoso

Open Access 20.08.2022 | Original Paper

Resonant Column Tests on Mixtures of Different Sands with Coarse Tyre Rubber Chips
Gerard Banzibaganye, Christos Vrettos

26.07.2022 | Original Paper

Effects of Protein-Based Biopolymer on Geotechnical Properties of Salt-Affected Sandy Soil
Houman Nouri, Pooria Ghadir, Hadi Fatehi, Nader Shariatmadari, Mohammad Saberian

29.07.2022 | Original Paper

Fluid–Solid Coupling Materials to Similar Simulation Test on Water Inrush in Geotechnical and Mining Engineering
Guangli Zhu, Shuli Wang, Wenquan Zhang

27.07.2022 | Original Paper

Influence of Drain Installation-Induced Stress on the Consolidation of a Natural Soft Foundation
Boyi Zhao, Yang Zhou

21.08.2022 | Original Paper

Ground Motions, Site Amplification and Building Damage at Near Source of the 2006 Yogyakarta, Indonesia Earthquake
Widodo Pawirodikromo

23.09.2022 | Original Paper

Axial Behavior of Pressure Grouted Helical Piles Installed in Marine Soft Clay Based on Full-Scale Field Tests
Yunhan Huang, Xiaoxuan Zhuang, Peipei Wang, Zhongling Zong

Open Access 06.08.2022 | Original Paper

Small Block Model Tests for the Behaviour of a Blocky Rock Mass Under a Concentrated Rock Anchor Load
Bjarte Grindheim, Karsten Sannes Aasbø, Are Håvard Høien, Charlie C. Li

12.08.2022 | Original Paper

Mechanical Failure Mechanisms of Unstable Rock Masses with Sandstone and Mudstone Interbeds as the Base
Ping Dong, Yuntao Zhou, Dan Liang

30.07.2022 | Original Paper

Estimating the Wear Rate of Diamond Cutting Wire Bead in Building Stone Cutting Using SVR and GA_MLP System
Omid Jami Babajan, Raheb Bagherpour

31.07.2022 | Original Paper

Research and Application of Modified Cement Grouting Materials for Gushing Water Disaster in Karst Conduit
Qing Jin, Yanhai Qi, Zhaofeng Li, Haiyan Li, Jingpeng Chen

Open Access 06.09.2022 | Original Paper

The Impact of Moisture and Clay Content on the Unconfined Compressive Strength of Lime Treated Highly Reactive Clays
Asma Muhmed, Mostafa Mohamed, Amir Khan

02.08.2022 | Original Paper

A Multiscale Investigation of the Effects of Water on Grain Crushing
Younes Salami, Christophe Dano, Pierre-Yves Hicher

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