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Human Studies

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Open Access 11.08.2022 | Theoretical / Philosophical Paper

“The Temporal ‘Succession’ of Here and Now Situations”: Schütz and Garfinkel on Sequentiality in Interaction

The article re-examines the relationship between the works of Alfred Schütz and Harold Garfinkel, focusing on their respective approaches to temporality in interaction. Although there are good reasons to emphasize the differences between Schütz’s …

Open Access 08.08.2022 | Theoretical / Philosophical Paper

Holding It All Together: on the Value of Compromise and the Virtues of Compromising

Public discourse and theoretical literature currently show controversy on the value of political compromise: some oppose it, others welcome it, and on both sides, arguments differ. The different positions in these debates on compromise build on …

25.07.2022 | Empirical Study / Analysis

The Visual and Conversational Order of Membership Categories in Fictional Films

This paper demonstrates an empirical analysis of the visual order of membership categories in a way consistent with both an early ethnomethodological research interest and recent arguments in membership categorization analysis. Early …

Open Access 11.07.2022 | Theoretical / Philosophical Paper

Digital Intimacy in China and Japan

A Phenomenological and Postphenomenological Perspective on Love Relationships at the Time of Digital Technologies in China and Japan

This paper aims to show a possible path to address the introduction of intimate digital technologies through a phenomenological and postphenomenological perspective in relation to Japanese and Chinese contexts. Digital technologies are becoming …

11.07.2022 | Theoretical / Philosophical Paper

What Does a Phenomenological Theory of Social Objects Mean?

What are social objects and what makes them different from other realms of scientifically studied reality? How can sociology theoretically account for the relationship between objects of social reality such as norms and social structures, and …

Über diese Zeitschrift

Human Studies is a quarterly journal dedicated primarily to advancing the dialogue between philosophy and the human sciences. Coverage addresses the logic of inquiry, methodology, epistemology and foundational issues in the human sciences exemplified by original empirical, theoretical and philosophical investigations. Phenomenological perspectives, broadly defined, are a primary focus.

The journal benefits scholars in a variety of fields who seek a forum addressing these issues, in order to bridge the gap between philosophy and the human sciences.

The wide-ranging coverage includes contributions from sociology, psychology, anthropology, history, geography, linguistics, semiotics, communication studies, ethnomethodology, political science, and philosophy.

Human Studies is the official journal of the Society for Phenomenology and the Human Sciences.

Human Studies
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