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20.05.2020 | Theoretical / Philosophical Paper

“Multiple Realities” Revisited: James and Schutz

Although James and Schutz provide us with the most insightful investigations of multiple realities that we come across in philosophical, psychological and sociological literature, hardly any critical studies have addressed James’s and Schutz’s …

13.05.2020 | Theoretical / Philosophical Paper Open Access

Phenomenology of Online Spaces: Interpreting Late Modern Spatialities

Sociological theories of space have so far not provided an in-depth analysis of online spaces. The paper addresses this issue by means of Löw’s relational theory of space. As this theory mainly focuses on material spaces, it is necessary to …

13.05.2020 | Book Review

Whence Heidegger’s Phenomenology?

13.05.2020 | Book Review

Michela Beatrice Ferri (ed.): The Reception of Husserlian Phenomenology in North America

Springer, Cham, Switzerland, 2019, 486 pp., 99,99 € hardcover

In my review I argue that this book is more than just a history of the way in which Husserl’s work was studied and taught in the United States and Canada from the early XXth Century on since it shows that what started as a “reception” soon became …

07.05.2020 | Theoretical / Philosophical Paper

When Body Image Takes over the Body Schema: The Case of Frantz Fanon

Body image (BI) and body schema (BS) refer to two different yet closely related systems. Whereas BI can be defined as a system of perceptions, attitudes, and beliefs pertaining to one's own body, BS is a system of sensory-motor capacities that …

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Human Studies is a quarterly journal dedicated primarily to advancing the dialogue between philosophy and the human sciences. Coverage addresses the logic of inquiry, methodology, epistemology and foundational issues in the human sciences exemplified by original empirical, theoretical and philosophical investigations. Phenomenological perspectives, broadly defined, are a primary focus.

The journal benefits scholars in a variety of fields who seek a forum addressing these issues, in order to bridge the gap between philosophy and the human sciences.

The wide-ranging coverage includes contributions from sociology, psychology, anthropology, history, geography, linguistics, semiotics, communication studies, ethnomethodology, political science, and philosophy.

Human Studies is the official journal of the Society for Phenomenology and the Human Sciences.

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