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International Journal of Multimedia Information Retrieval

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24.07.2018 | Regular Paper

Transferred Semantic Scores for Scalable Retrieval of Histopathological Breast Cancer Images

Content-based medical image retrieval (CBMIR) is an active field of research and a complementary decision support tool for the diagnosis of breast cancer. Current CBMIR systems employ hand-engineered image descriptors which are not effective …

19.06.2018 | Regular Paper

Multi-dimensional multi-directional mask maximum edge pattern for bio-medical image retrieval

Authors have proposed novel multi-dimensional multi-directional mask maximum edge patterns for the bio-medical image retrieval. Standard local binary patterns encode relationship of neighbor pixels with center pixel. Local mesh patterns encode the …

14.06.2018 | Regular Paper

Using visual features based on MPEG-7 and deep learning for movie recommendation

Item features play an important role in movie recommender systems, where recommendations can be generated by using explicit or implicit preferences of users on traditional features (attributes) such as tag, genre, and cast. Typically, movie …

28.03.2018 | Regular Paper

A complete person re-identification model using Kernel-PCA-based Gabor-filtered hybrid descriptors

Person re-identification is a challenging problem in computer vision. Lots of research interest is observed in this area over the past few years. A model for complete person re-identification can prove useful in this direction. Use of …

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The International Journal of Multimedia Information Retrieval (IJMIR) is a scholarly archival journal publishing original, peer-reviewed research contributions. Its editorial board strives to present the most important research results in areas within the field of multimedia information retrieval. Core areas include exploration, search, and mining in general collections of multimedia consisting of information from the WWW to scientific imaging to personal archives. Comprehensive review and survey papers that offer up new insights, and lay the foundations for further exploratory and experimental work, are also relevant.

Editorial Policies:

  • We aim for a fast decision time (less than 6 months for the initial decision)
  • There are no page charges in IJMIR.
  • Papers are published on line in advance of print publication.

Academic, industrial researchers, and practitioners involved with multimedia search, exploration, and mining will find IJMIR to be an essential source for important results in the field.

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