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23.05.2022 | Regular Paper

How can users’ comments posted on social media videos be a source of effective tags?

This paper proposed a new approach for the extraction of tags from users’ comments made about videos. In fact, videos on the social media, like Facebook and YouTube, are usually accompanied by comments where users may give opinions about things …

11.05.2022 | Regular Paper

Semantic-enhanced discriminative embedding learning for cross-modal retrieval

Cross-modal retrieval requires the retrieval from image to text and vice versa. Most existing methods leverage attention mechanism to explore advanced encoding network and utilize the ranking losses to reduce modal gap. Although these methods have …

11.05.2022 | Regular Paper

InceptionDepth-wiseYOLOv2: improved implementation of YOLO framework for pedestrian detection

Pedestrian detection is one of the most challenging research areas in computer vision, as it involves classifying the image and localizing the pedestrian. Its applications, especially in automated surveillance and robotics, are exceedingly …

10.05.2022 | Regular Paper

RGBD deep multi-scale network for background subtraction

This paper proposes a novel deep learning model called deep multi-scale network (DMSN) for background subtraction. This convolutional neural network is built to use RGB color channels and Depth maps as inputs with which it can fuse semantic and …

Open Access 25.04.2022 | Regular Paper

Music emotion recognition based on segment-level two-stage learning

In most Music Emotion Recognition (MER) tasks, researchers tend to use supervised learning models based on music features and corresponding annotation. However, few researchers have considered applying unsupervised learning approaches to labeled …

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The International Journal of Multimedia Information Retrieval (IJMIR) is a scholarly archival journal publishing original, peer-reviewed research contributions. Its editorial board strives to present the most important research results in areas within the field of multimedia information retrieval. Core areas include exploration, search, and mining in general collections of multimedia consisting of information from the WWW to scientific imaging to personal archives. Comprehensive review and survey papers that offer up new insights, and lay the foundations for further exploratory and experimental work, are also relevant.

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Academic, industrial researchers, and practitioners involved with multimedia search, exploration, and mining will find IJMIR to be an essential source for important results in the field.

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