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11.05.2021 | Research Paper

A Configuration Taxonomy of Business Process Orientation

Organizations strive to develop a variety of capabilities to improve and measure business processes. Researchers have used various maturity models to investigate the development of a business process orientation (BPO), and most have argued that …

Amy Van Looy, Peter Trkman, Els Clarysse

27.04.2021 | Research Paper

Software Requirements Selection with Incomplete Linguistic Preference Relations

Software requirements (SRs) selection is a multicriteria group decision making (MCGDM) problem whose objective is to select the SRs from the pool of the requirements on the basis of different criteria. In MCGDM, different decision makers have …

Mohd. Sadiq, Azra Parveen, S. K. Jain

21.04.2021 | Research Paper Open Access

Contradictions and Interventions in Health IS

A Framework Based on Activity Theory

The study analyzes data collected in two case studies in the healthcare industry, which is characterized by a variety of social and technical elements forming an activity system where all elements interact with each other. The findings indicate …

Andy Weeger, Heinz-Theo Wagner, Heiko Gewald, Tim Weitzel

20.04.2021 | Research Paper

Extracting Best-Practice Using Mixed-Methods

Insights and Recommendations from a Case Study in Insurance Claims Processing

Problem Definition: Queensland’s Compulsory Third-Party (CTP) Insurance Scheme provides a mechanism for persons injured as a result of a motor vehicle accident to receive compensation. Managing CTP claims involves multiple stakeholders with …

Erik Poppe, Anastasiia Pika, Moe Thandar Wynn, Rebekah Eden, Robert Andrews, Arthur H. M. ter Hofstede

03.04.2021 | Research Paper Open Access

Business Process Simulation on Procedural Graphical Process Models

Structuring Overview and Paths for Future Research

Business process simulation marks an essential technique for analyzing business processes and for reasoning about process improvement. With first contributions dating back to the mid-1990s, computerized business process simulation has been a …

Kristina Rosenthal, Benjamin Ternes, Stefan Strecker

29.03.2021 | Profile

Interview with Rainer Hoffmann on “The Transformation Towards Artificial Intelligence of Electric Utilities”

Philipp Staudt

25.03.2021 | Editorial Open Access

Changing the Climate in Information Systems Research

The Covid-19 pandemic has demonstrated society’s ability to adapt to a crisis and its ingenuity in developing solutions. Digitalization has played a major role in handling the virus. Conferencing tools have allowed for remote work and …

Sebastian Lehnhoff, Philipp Staudt, Richard T. Watson

23.03.2021 | Research Paper

A Typology of Business Process Standardization Strategies

Business Process Standardization (BPS) is a strategy for improved efficiency and effectiveness of business processes. However, BPS approaches are known to vary much in practice, can consume inordinate time and resources, and are ill-understood.

Kanika Goel, Wasana Bandara, Guy Gable

10.03.2021 | Research Paper Open Access

Benchmarking Energy Quantification Methods to Predict Heating Energy Performance of Residential Buildings in Germany

To achieve ambitious climate goals, it is necessary to increase the rate of purposeful retrofit measures in the building sector. As a result, Energy Performance Certificates have been designed as important evaluation and rating criterion to …

Simon Wenninger, Christian Wiethe

09.03.2021 | Research Paper Open Access

Not All Doom and Gloom: How Energy-Intensive and Temporally Flexible Data Center Applications May Actually Promote Renewable Energy Sources

To achieve a sustainable energy system, a further increase in electricity generation from renewable energy sources (RES) is imperative. However, the development and implementation of RES entail various challenges, e.g., dealing with grid stability …

Gilbert Fridgen, Marc-Fabian Körner, Steffen Walters, Martin Weibelzahl

09.03.2021 | Catchword Open Access

Virtual Sensors

Information systems increasingly link to the physical world. Technological advancements and declining unit costs of sensor technology combined with increased connectivity drive the spread and complexity of the Internet of Things (IoT) (Wortmann …

Dominik Martin, Niklas Kühl, Gerhard Satzger

02.03.2021 | Research Paper Open Access

Context-Aware Business Process Management

Method Assessment and Selection

Context awareness is essential for successful business process management (BPM). So far, research has covered relevant BPM context factors and context-aware process design, but little is known about how to assess and select BPM methods in a …

Jan vom Brocke, Marie-Sophie Baier, Theresa Schmiedel, Katharina Stelzl, Maximilian Röglinger, Charlotte Wehking

12.02.2021 | Discussion Open Access

Token Economy

Ali Sunyaev, Niclas Kannengießer …

Ali Sunyaev, Niclas Kannengießer, Roman Beck, Horst Treiblmaier, Mary Lacity, Johann Kranz, Gilbert Fridgen, Ulli Spankowski, André Luckow

08.12.2020 | Research Paper Open Access

Know-Your-Customer (KYC) Requirements for Initial Coin Offerings

Toward Designing a Compliant-by-Design KYC-System Based on Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is often proposed as an infrastructure for decentralized Know-Your-Customer (KYC) verification, i.e., a process determining whether a customer is eligible for a given transaction. The benefit of using blockchain technology …

Nadine Kathrin Ostern, Johannes Riedel

17.11.2020 | Research Paper Open Access

Personality Profiles that Put Users at Risk of Perceiving Technostress

A Qualitative Comparative Analysis with the Big Five Personality Traits

Some information systems research has considered that individual personality traits influence whether users feel stressed by information and communication technologies. Personality research suggests, however, that personality traits do not act …

Katharina Pflügner, Christian Maier, Jens Mattke, Tim Weitzel

04.08.2020 | Research Paper Open Access

A Simulation-Based Approach to Understanding the Wisdom of Crowds Phenomenon in Aggregating Expert Judgment

Research has shown that aggregation of independent expert judgments significantly improves the quality of forecasts as compared to individual expert forecasts. This “wisdom of crowds” (WOC) has sparked substantial interest. However, previous …

Patrick Afflerbach, Christopher van Dun, Henner Gimpel, Dominik Parak, Johannes Seyfried

21.07.2020 | Research Paper Open Access

Do All Roads Lead to Rome? Exploring the Relationship Between Social Referrals, Referral Propensity and Stickiness to Video-on-Demand Websites

Content website providers have two main goals: They seek to attract consumers and to keep them on their websites as long as possible. To reach potential consumers, they can utilize several online channels, such as paid search results or …

Antonia Köster, Christian Matt, Thomas Hess

09.06.2020 | Research Paper

DESERV IT: A Method for Devolving Service Tasks in IT Services

Nowadays, IT operations devolve many tasks in IT services to internal customers (i.e., IT self-service). The rationale for this service task devolvement is often to reduce the IT personnel’s workload. However, prior research has shown that IT …

Florian Baer, Kurt Sandkuhl, Michael Leyer, Birger Lantow

28.05.2020 | Research Paper Open Access

Reviews Left and Right: The Link Between Reviewers’ Political Ideology and Online Review Language

Online reviews, i.e., evaluations of products and services posted on websites, are ubiquitous. Prior research observed substantial variance in the language of such online reviews and linked it to downstream consequences like perceived helpfulness.

Lorenz Graf-Vlachy, Tarun Goyal, Yannick Ouardi, Andreas König

29.04.2020 | Research Paper

Identification of User Roles in Enterprise Social Networks: Method Development and Application

The importance of gaining insights into informal organizational structures for management purposes is acknowledged by both research and practice. However, “traditional” approaches to analyzing informal organizational social networks involve …

Janine Hacker, Kai Riemer