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13.05.2020 | Call for Papers Open Access

Call for Papers, Issue 1/2022

Digital Entrepreneurship: Opportunities, Challenges, and Impacts

Digital transformation creates new opportunities and is an important driver of novel and often disruptive innovation and value creation. Entrepreneurs are using digital technologies to finance innovation (Ahrens et al. 2019 ; Audretsch et al. 2016 …

Jörn H. Block, Kathryn Brohman, Dennis M. Steininger

11.05.2020 | Catchword Open Access

Fair AI

Challenges and Opportunities

Information systems (IS) are currently undergoing a fundamental shift: Until recently, decision support was developed upon rule-based and thus deterministic algorithms. However, with recent advances in artificial intelligence (AI), these decision …

Stefan Feuerriegel, Mateusz Dolata, Gerhard Schwabe

11.05.2020 | Research Paper Open Access

An ETA Prediction Model for Intermodal Transport Networks Based on Machine Learning

Transparency in transport processes is becoming increasingly important for transport companies to improve internal processes and to be able to compete for customers. One important element to increase transparency is reliable, up-to-date and …

Andreas Balster, Ole Hansen, Hanno Friedrich, André Ludwig

29.04.2020 | Research Paper

Identification of User Roles in Enterprise Social Networks: Method Development and Application

The importance of gaining insights into informal organizational structures for management purposes is acknowledged by both research and practice. However, “traditional” approaches to analyzing informal organizational social networks involve …

Janine Hacker, Kai Riemer

27.04.2020 | Research Paper Open Access

Process Mining for Six Sigma

A Guideline and Tool Support

Process mining offers a set of techniques for gaining data-based insights into business processes from event logs. The literature acknowledges the potential benefits of using process mining techniques in Six Sigma-based process improvement …

Teun Graafmans, Oktay Turetken, Hans Poppelaars, Dirk Fahland

22.04.2020 | Research Notes Open Access

Seven Paradoxes of Business Process Management in a Hyper-Connected World

Business Process Management is a boundary-spanning discipline that aligns operational capabilities and technology to design and manage business processes. The Digital Transformation has enabled human actors, information systems, and smart products …

Daniel Beverungen, Joos C. A. M. Buijs, Jörg Becker, Claudio Di Ciccio, Wil M. P. van der Aalst, Christian Bartelheimer, Jan vom Brocke, Marco Comuzzi, Karsten Kraume, Henrik Leopold, Martin Matzner, Jan Mendling, Nadine Ogonek, Till Post, Manuel Resinas, Kate Revoredo, Adela del-Río-Ortega, Marcello La Rosa, Flávia Maria Santoro, Andreas Solti, Minseok Song, Armin Stein, Matthias Stierle, Verena Wolf

14.04.2020 | Profile

Interview with Omer Biran and Michael Halfmann on “Conversational Agents at SAP”

Jella Pfeiffer

08.04.2020 | Research Paper Open Access

Machine Learning in Business Process Monitoring: A Comparison of Deep Learning and Classical Approaches Used for Outcome Prediction

Predictive process monitoring aims at forecasting the behavior, performance, and outcomes of business processes at runtime. It helps identify problems before they occur and re-allocate resources before they are wasted. Although deep learning (DL) …

Wolfgang Kratsch, Jonas Manderscheid, Maximilian Röglinger, Johannes Seyfried

06.04.2020 | Research Paper Open Access

Virtual Assistance in Any Context

A Taxonomy of Design Elements for Domain-Specific Chatbots

Several domain-specific assistants in the form of chatbots have conquered many commercial and private areas. However, there is still a limited level of systematic knowledge of the distinctive characteristics of design elements for chatbots to …

Antje Janssen, Jens Passlick, Davinia Rodríguez Cardona, Michael H. Breitner

03.04.2020 | Editorial Open Access

User Assistance for Intelligent Systems

Intelligent systems have become ubiquitous in modern life and increasingly shift the performance of tasks away from humans (Davenport and Kirby 2016 ). Although this development has many advantages, the interplay between intelligent systems and …

Stefan Morana, Jella Pfeiffer, Marc T. P. Adam

31.03.2020 | Research Paper Open Access

Using Feedback to Mitigate Coordination and Threshold Problems in Iterative Combinatorial Auctions

Package bids, i.e., bids on sets of items, are an essential aspect of combinatorial auctions. They can allow bidders to accurately express their preferences. However, bidders on packages consisting of few items are often unable to outbid …

Bart Vangerven, Dries R. Goossens, Frits C. R. Spieksma

24.03.2020 | Research Notes Open Access

Robotic Process Mining: Vision and Challenges

Robotic process automation (RPA) is an emerging technology that allows organizations automating repetitive clerical tasks by executing scripts that encode sequences of fine-grained interactions with Web and desktop applications. Examples of …

Volodymyr Leno, Artem Polyvyanyy, Marlon Dumas, Marcello La Rosa, Fabrizio Maria Maggi

20.03.2020 | Research Paper Open Access

An Exploration into Future Business Process Management Capabilities in View of Digitalization

Results from a Delphi Study

Business process management (BPM) is a mature discipline that drives corporate success through effective and efficient business processes. BPM is commonly structured via capability frameworks, which describe and bundle capability areas relevant …

Georgi Dimov Kerpedzhiev, Ulrich Matthias König, Maximilian Röglinger, Michael Rosemann

18.03.2020 | Research Paper

Quantifying Risk Propagation Within a Network of Business Processes and IT Services

Nowadays, the organic nature of business processes and the increasingly complex and dynamic business environment make organizations face severe operational risks. However, current risk analysis methods of Information Technology (IT) resources …

Oscar González-Rojas, Nicolás Castro, Sebastian Lesmes

18.03.2020 | Research Paper Open Access

Intelligent User Assistance for Automated Data Mining Method Selection

In any data science and analytics project, the task of mapping a domain-specific problem to an adequate set of data mining methods by experts of the field is a crucial step. However, these experts are not always available and data mining novices …

Patrick Zschech, Richard Horn, Daniel Höschele, Christian Janiesch, Kai Heinrich

17.03.2020 | Research Paper

Implementation of Aspect-oriented Business Process Models with Web Services

In software development, crosscutting concerns, such as security, audit, access control, authentication, logging, persistence, transaction, error handling etc. can be modularized using the aspect-oriented paradigm. In business process modeling …

Hercules Sant Ana da Silva Jose, Claudia Cappelli, Flavia Maria Santoro, Leonardo Guerreiro Azevedo

10.03.2020 | Research Paper Open Access

Designing Anthropomorphic Enterprise Conversational Agents

The increasing capabilities of conversational agents (CAs) offer manifold opportunities to assist users in a variety of tasks. In an organizational context, particularly their potential to simulate a human-like interaction via natural language …

Stephan Diederich, Alfred Benedikt Brendel, Lutz M. Kolbe

09.03.2020 | Discussion

The Role of IS in the Conflicting Interests Regarding GDPR

Timo Jakobi, Information Systems esp. IT-Security and Privacy, University of Siegen …

Dr. Timo Jakobi, Prof. Dr. Maximilian von Grafenstein, Prof. Dr. Christine Legner, Clément Labadie, Prof. Dr. Dr. hc. mult. Peter Mertens, Dr. Ayten Öksüz, Prof. Dr. Gunnar Stevens

09.03.2020 | Research Paper Open Access

Leaving the Shadow: A Configurational Approach to Explain Post-identification Outcomes of Shadow IT Systems

With the advent of end-user and cloud computing, business users can implement information systems for work practices on their own – either from scratch or as extensions to existing systems. The resulting information systems, however, often remain …

Daniel Fürstenau, Hannes Rothe, Matthias Sandner

03.03.2020 | State of the Art

Maintenance of Enterprise Architecture Models

A Systematic Review of the Scientific Literature

Enterprise architecture (EA) models are tools of analysis, communication, and support towards enterprise transformation. These models need a suitable maintenance process to support comprehensive knowledge of the enterprise’s structure and …

Nuno Silva, Pedro Sousa, Miguel Mira da Silva