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Business & Information Systems Engineering OnlineFirst articles

Business & Information Systems Engineering OnlineFirst articles

06.09.2017 | Research Paper

How to Succeed with Cloud Services?

A Dedication-Constraint Model of Cloud Success

How can cloud providers be successful? Severe competition and low up-front commitments create enormous challenges for providers of consumer cloud services when attempting to develop a sustainable market position. Emergent trends like …

Dr. Manuel Trenz, Dr. Jan Huntgeburth, Prof. Dr. Daniel Veit

01.09.2017 | Research Paper

Standard International Trade Classification

From Spreadsheet to OWL-2 Ontology

Trade classifications are a necessary prerequisite for the compilation of trade statistics, and they should – beyond that – be regarded as a valuable base for the definition of shared controlled vocabularies for linked business data that deal with …

Prof. Dr. Norbert Luttenberger, Dr. Jesper Zedlitz

29.08.2017 | Research Paper

Prioritization of Interconnected Processes

Deciding which business processes to improve is a challenge for all organizations. The literature on business process management (BPM) offers several approaches that support process prioritization. As many approaches share the individual process …

Martin Lehnert, Maximilian Röglinger, Johannes Seyfried

22.08.2017 | Research Paper Open Access

Interactive Reputation Systems

How to Cope with Malicious Behavior in Feedback Mechanisms

Early reputation systems use simple computation metrics that can easily be manipulated by malicious actors. Advanced computation models that mitigate their weaknesses, however, are non-transparent to the end-users thus lowering their …

Dr. Johannes Sänger, Prof. Dr. Günther Pernul

26.07.2017 | Research Paper

Insurance for Improving User Satisfaction Level

Service-level agreement (SLA) violations may lead to losses and user dissatisfaction. Despite the fact that a service guarantee can increase the satisfaction level of users, indemnities may not be commensurate with the importance of a service to a …

Hossein Morshedlou, Prof. Dr. Mohammad Reza Meybodi

17.07.2017 | Research Paper

The Effect of Organization Size and Sector on Adopting Business Process Management

The business process management (BPM) discipline is starting to recognize the importance of context-awareness. In spite of this recognition, few studies investigate the effect of diverse contextual factors on BPM. To fill this gap, the study …

Prof. Dr. Amy Van Looy, Joachim Van den Bergh

30.06.2017 | Research Paper

Intelligent Business Processes in CRM

Exemplified by Complaint Management

Customer relationship management (CRM) is becoming a critical source of competitive advantage for businesses today. However, many CRM business processes are deficient and inflexible. For example, many customers are dissatisfied with complaint …

Dipl.-Kfm. Christopher Zaby, Prof. Dr. Klaus D. Wilde

27.06.2017 | Research Paper

Next-Purchase Prediction Using Projections of Discounted Purchasing Sequences

A primary task of customer relationship management (CRM) is the transformation of customer data into business value related to customer binding and development, for instance, by offering additional products that meet customers’ needs. A customer’s …

Katerina Shapoval, Prof. Dr. Thomas Setzer

20.06.2017 | Research Paper Open Access

Visual ppinot: A Graphical Notation for Process Performance Indicators

Process performance indicators (PPIs) allow the quantitative evaluation of business processes, providing essential information for decision making. It is common practice today that business processes and PPIs are usually modelled separately using …

Adela del-Río-Ortega, Manuel Resinas, Amador Durán, Beatriz Bernárdez, Antonio Ruiz-Cortés, Miguel Toro

11.05.2017 | Research Paper

Eliciting and Modeling Business Process Stories

Most business process modeling tools used today encourage the rendition of lean, prescribed and clearly coordinated activities, which often clash with far more intricate business realities. This paper evaluates an alternative approach that adopts …

Prof. David Simões, Prof. Pedro Antunes, Prof. Luis Carriço

02.12.2016 | Research Paper

Business Process Modeling Abstraction Based on Semi-Supervised Clustering Analysis

The most prominent Business Process Model Abstraction (BPMA) use case is the construction of the process “quick view” for rapidly comprehending a complex process. Some researchers propose process abstraction methods to aggregate the activities on …

Nan Wang, Shanwu Sun, Dantong OuYang