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Journal of Economic Interaction and Coordination

Ausgabe 1/2022

Nonlinear Economic Dynamics 2019: Special Issue on the 11-th NED conference, Kyiv, Sept. 2019 (NED-19)

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Foreword of the Special Issue: Nonlinear Economic Dynamics (2019)

Laura Gardini, Davide Radi, Fabio Tramontana

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Evolutionary oligopoly games with cooperative and aggressive behaviors

Gian Italo Bischi, Fabio Lamantia

Regular Article

Stability of dynamic asymmetric contests with endogenous prizes

Akio Matsumoto, Ferenc Szidarovszky

Open Access Regular Article

On the significance of borders: the emergence of endogenous dynamics

Ingrid Kubin, Laura Gardini

Open Access Regular Article

Hybrid evolutionary oligopolies and the dynamics of corporate social responsibility

Tomáš Tichý, Davide Radi, Fabio Lamantia

Open Access Regular Article

Modeling maladaptation in the inequality–environment nexus

Angelo Antoci, Paolo Russu, Elisa Ticci

Open Access Regular Article

Speculative housing markets and rent control: insights from nonlinear economic dynamics

Noemi Schmitt, Frank Westerhoff

Open Access Regular Article

Stochastic sensitivity of bull and bear states

Jochen Jungeilges, Elena Maklakova, Tatyana Perevalova

Open Access Regular Article

Does too much liquidity generate instability?

Giorgio Calcagnini, Laura Gardini, Germana Giombini, Edgar S. Carrera

Open Access Regular Articl

Autonomous demand, multiple equilibria and unemployment dynamics

Piero Ferri, Fabio Tramontana

Open Access Regular Article

A stylized macro-model with interacting real, monetary and stock markets

F. Cavalli, A. Naimzada, N. Pecora

Open Access Regular Article

Existence and implications of a pitchfork-Hopf bifurcation in a continuous-time two-sector growth model

Giovanni Bella, Paolo Mattana, Beatrice Venturi

Open Access Regular Article

Long-term causes of populism

Gian Italo Bischi, Federico Favaretto, Edgar J. Sanchez Carrera

Regular Article

Preying on beauty? The complex social dynamics of overtourism

Angelo Antoci, Paolo Russu, Pier Luigi Sacco, Giorgio Tavano Blessi