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Journal of Elasticity

The Physical and Mathematical Science of Solids

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Gel Debonding from a Rigid Substrate

We consider the problem of debonding of a thin gel domain from a rigid substrate. Starting with a variational approach involving the total energy of a gel, we formulate the boundary value problem of the governing equations in two-space dimensions.

29.05.2020 | Classroom Note

An Approach to Isotropic Tensor Functions and Their Derivatives Via Omega Matrix Calculus

In this work we show how to obtain a closed form expression of any isotropic tensor function F(A)$F\left (\boldsymbol{A}\right )$ and their associated derivatives with A$\boldsymbol{A}$ a second order tensor in a finite dimensional space. Our …


Dynamics of Two Linearly Elastic Bodies Connected by a Heavy Thin Soft Viscoelastic Layer

In this paper, we extend the asymptotic analysis in (Licht et al. in J. Math. Pures Appl. 99:685–703, 2013) performed, in the framework of small strains, on a structure consisting of two linearly elastic bodies connected by a thin soft nonlinear …

29.05.2020 Open Access

Derivation of a Homogenized Bending–Torsion Theory for Rods with Micro-Heterogeneous Prestrain

In this paper we investigate rods made of nonlinearly elastic, composite–materials that feature a micro-heterogeneous prestrain that oscillates (locally periodic) on a scale that is small compared to the length of the rod. As a main result we …


On the Determination of Plane and Axial Symmetries in Linear Elasticity and Piezo-Electricity

We formulate necessary and sufficient conditions for a unit vector $\pmb{\nu }$ to generate a plane or axial symmetry of a constitutive tensor. For the elasticity tensor, these conditions consist of two polynomial equations of degree lower than …

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The main purpose of the Journal of Elasticity is to report original and significant discoveries in elasticity, in the form of full research papers, research notes and well-documented historical essays. Materials which will prove effective in teaching appear as classroom notes. The journal provides a forum for original contributions in the physical and mathematical science of solids and in the broader areas of mechanics, mechanics of materials, and engineering sciences that have a bearing on developments in elasticity. The Journal of Elasticity was founded in 1971 by Marvin Stippes.

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