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Journal of Nanoparticle Research

Ausgabe 10/2023

Inhalt (18 Artikel)

Research paper

Electrochemical non-enzymatic urea sensing using polyvinylpyrrolidine derived highly electrocatalytic NiCo2O4 nanowires

Sanjha Mangrio, Aneela Tahira, Ihsan Ali Mahar, Mehnaz Parveen, Ahmed Ali Hullio, Dildar Ali Solangi, Abid Khawaja, Muhammad Ali Bhatti, Zahoor Ahmed Ibupoto, Arfana Begum Mallah, Ayman Nafady, Elmuez A. Dawi, Abd Al Karim Haj Ismail, Melanie Emo, Brigitte Vigolo, Zafar Hussain Ibupoto

Open Access Research paper

Carbonate apatite: effect of serum and impact on the cellular proteome

Rowshan Ara Islam, Nabilah Ibnat, Maeirah Afzal Ashaie, Syafiq Asnawi Zainal Abidin, Ezharul Hoque Chowdhury

Research paper

CNT grown in situ from iron ore tailings: simple dispersion and environmental sustainability

Glauber Zerbini Costal, Bianca Rafaela da Silva Calderón-Morales, Jaqueline do Carmo Lima Carvalho, Edelma Eleto da Silva, Evandro Augusto de Morais, Lílian Fernandes Machado, Carlos Augusto de Souza Oliveira, Francisco Moura Filho, Viviany Geraldo

Research paper

Morphological dependency of antioxidant enzyme-like activities of nanoceria in energy-band structure aspect

Zhicheng Shi, Kai Li, Jieping Li, Yi Ding, Xuebin Zheng

Research paper

One-pot synthesis of iron core—iron oxide shell nanoparticles with potential for magnetic imaging

Aleia G. Williams, Lu Liu, Charles E. Johnson, Jacqueline. A. Johnson

Research paper

Resource-saving synthesis of nanoscaled silicon dioxide and its textural characteristics

Mirtemir Kurbanov, Lyudmyla Andriyko, Jamshid Panjiev, Sardor Tulaganov, Volodymyr Gun’ko, Andrii Marynin, Stanislaw Pikus

Research paper

Engineering the surface structure of brookite-TiO2 nanocrystals with Au nanoparticles by cold-plasma technique and its photocatalytic and self-cleaning property

Thi Thuong Huyen Tran, Thi Kim Chi Tran, Thi Quynh Xuan Le, Nhat Linh Nguyen, Thi Minh Thuy Nguyen, Thi Thu Hien Pham, Truong Son Nguyen, Hoang Tung Do, Huy Hoang Do

Research paper

Ability of molecular dynamics to take into account the tension/compression asymmetry in the systems observed in nickel base superalloys

Alla Ndiaye Dieng, Celine Gerard, Jonathan Cormier, Jean-Claude Grandidier

Research paper

Estimation of the structure of binary Ag–Cu nanoparticles during their crystallization by computer simulation

Yury Gafner, Svetlana Gafner, Larisa Redel, Gennady Poletaev

Research paper

Preparation of silver nanoparticles on free-standing polyaniline/cellulose acetate blend film for surface-enhanced Raman scattering application

Bismark Nogueira da Silva, Victor dos Santos Azevedo Leite, Frederico Garcia Pinto, Jairo Tronto, Celly Mieko Shinohara Izumi

Research paper

Enhanced magnetoresistance and evolution of Griffiths-like phase in La1−xCaxMnO3 (x = 0.4, 0.5) nanoparticles

P. V. Jithin, Yugandhar Bitla, Manju Mishra Patidar, V. Ganesan, K. J. Sankaran, Joji Kurian

Research paper

Pulse-electrodeposited Ni/W-Al2O3 nanocomposites at different current densities

Fafeng Xia, Peng Yan, Chunyang Ma, Yifeng Zhang, Huaxing Li

Research paper

PH3 gas adsorption on S and Mo vacancy MoS2 monolayer: a first principle study

Meribah Jasmine Jayachandran, Preferencial Kala C, John Thiruvadigal D

Research paper

Evaluation of binding compatibility among transition metal nanoparticles towards graphene quantum dots and their magnetic properties

Khush Bakht, Aisha Ishaq, Asad Muhammad Khan, Rafaqat Ali Khan, Muhammad Bilal, Faiz Rabbani, Ahson Jabbar Shaikh

Research paper

Tetrahedral DNA–mediated biomineralization of calcium carbonate nanoparticles for pH-responsive drug delivery

Jing Cheng, Wenwen Sun, Zeshan Zhang, Meihua Xie, Hui Zhao, Dongdong Zeng, Xiangde Lin

Research paper

Magnetic, biocompatible CoFe2O4/Fe3O4 core/shell nanoparticles: designing and improved hyperthermia properties

K. T. V. Oanh, H. T. L. Phong, D. N. Van, T. T. M. Trang, P. H. Thu, X. N. Truong, X. N. Ca, C. D. Linh, H. P. Nam, H. D. Manh

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