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Journal of Nanoparticle Research

Ausgabe 6/2023

Inhalt (25 Artikel)


Assessment of gemcitabine hydrochloride-based nanotherapeutics in cancer: a proof of concept study

Laxmi Devi, Tarique Mahmood Ansari, Ashish Kumar, Poonam Kushwaha


A nanotherapeutic approach for fighting the odds against the malignant disorders

Samvedna Saini, Pranjal Dagar, Sakshi Gupta, Yatender Kumar


Fluorescent carbon nanomaterials from coal and its derivatives: structure, properties, and applications

Tuhin Mandal, Shiv Rag Mishra, Kartikey Singh, Hridesh Agarwalla, Reginald Ebhin Masto, Manish Kumar, Vikram Singh


Multi-shape silver nanoparticles on filter paper by the chemical reduction method

Ngoc Thi Bich Nguyen, Thuy Thi Nguyen, Nghia Trong Nguyen, Toan Duc Nguyen, Hoa Quang Do, Ha Viet Chu, Lien Thi Ha Nghiem

Research paper

Phytoglycogen-dsRNA nanoparticles demonstrate differential cytotoxicity and immunostimulatory potential in two ovarian cancer cell lines

A. Lewis, A. Tran, N. L. Aldor, N. A. Jadaa, T. Feng, E. Moore, S. J. DeWitte-Orr, S. J. Poynter

Research paper

On surface pre-melting of metallic nanoparticles: molecular dynamics study

V. M. Samsonov, I. V. Talyzin, S. A. Vasilyev, V. V. Puytov, A. A. Romanov

Research paper

Flash nanoprecipitation of hafnia nanoparticle computed tomography contrast agent

Sitong Liu, Matthew Po, Anahita Heshmat, Evan Anguish, Jennifer Andrew, Carlos M Rinaldi-Ramos

Research paper

Mesoscopic simulations of protein corona formation on zwitterionic peptide-grafted gold nanoparticles

Grace Tang Chen, Pranab Sarker, Baofu Qiao, Tao Wei

Research paper

Concentration-dependent effects of humic acid and protein on the stability of hematite nanoparticles in an aqueous environment

Hai Wu, Yan Wang, Binbin Sun, Xinwei Liu, Tianxu Zhang, Yufei Ma, Shuyan Zhao

Research paper

In situ transmission electron microscopy to monitor phase transitions in metal-organic frameworks

Jianhui Zhang, Wenhua Zhao, Jun Wang, Meiyun Lai, Xuexue Pan

Research paper

Composite thin film nano/microstructure of solution-based metal oxide and UV-curable polymer for liquid crystal display

Dong Hyun Kim, Jin Young Oh, Da-Bin Yang, Dong Wook Lee, Jonghoon Won, Jong In Jang, Hae-Chang Jeong, Dae-Shik Seo

Research paper

DNA:TiO2 nanoparticle nanoassemblies: effect of temperature and nanoparticle concentration on aggregation

Evgeniya Usenko, Alexander Glamazda, Anastasiia Svidzerska, Vladimir Valeev, Anna Laguta, Sergey Petrushenko, Victor Karachevtsev

Research paper

Toluene combustion on MnOx, CeO2, and Mn-Ce-O solids prepared via citrate complexation, and citrate and urea combustion methods

Salima Rahou, Amel Benadda-Kordjani, Svetlana Ivanova, José Antonio Odriozola, Redouane Chebout, Hakim Mahzoul, Nabila Zouaoui

Research paper

Synthesis and characterization of MSN/Fe3O4/Gd2O3 nanocomposite as theranostic systems

André Felipe Oliveira, Edésia Martins Barros de Sousa

Research paper

Effect of AgS/SiO QDs surface structure on luminescence photostability

Irina Grevtseva, Oleg Ovchinnikov, Mikhail Smirnov, Tamara Kondratenko, Alaa Hussein, Nikita Egorov, Ekaterina Vozgorkova

Research paper

The effect of ultrasound and precursor on the formation of nano-TiO

Ruben M. Dewes, Yanshen Zhu, Valentina Dami, Giovanni Baldi, Erin Koos, Tom Van Gerven

Open Access Research paper

In situ electron microscopy techniques for nanoparticle dispersion analysis of commercial sunscreen

M. Ilett, E. Naveed, T. Roncal-Herrero, Z. Aslam, S. Micklethwaite, N. Hondow

Research paper

Estimation of lattice strain and structural study of BaTiO3/PS polymer composite using X-ray peak profile analysis

Umesh Kumar, Diwakar Padalia, Pawan Kumar, Prabhakar Bhandari

Open Access Research paper

Rapid template-assisted self-assembly: a practical route to the fast assembly of colloidal particles

Ayoub Laghrissi, Prince Gupta, Horst-Günter Rubahn, Jacek Fiutowski

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