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Journal of Nanoparticle Research

Ausgabe 7/2023

Inhalt (28 Artikel)


Protein nanotubes as drug delivery systems: an overview

Sushant Wakekar, Abhishekh Tiwari, Jyotsna Chaskar, Atul Chaskar


Trends in the use of montmorillonite as a delivery system for active substances

Igor Eduardo Silva Arruda, Jabson Herber Profito de Oliveira, Bolivar Ponciano Goulart de Lima Damasceno, Mônica Felts de La Roca Soares, Dayanne Tomaz Casimiro da Silva, José Lamartine Soares-Sobrinho


Multifaceted nanolipidic carriers: a modish stratagem accentuating nose-to-brain drug delivery

Shailvi Shah, Amit A. Patel, Bhupendra G. Prajapati, Amit Alexander, Vidhi Pandya, Nidhi Trivedi, Punit Pandey, Samir G. Patel, Ravish J. Patel


Preparation and application of nano-Ni–Co alloy

Xu Yang, Xuefeng Lu, Wei Zhang, Xin Guo, Junqiang Ren, Hongtao Xue, Fuling Tang


Microneedles for delivery of anticancer therapeutics: recent trends and technologies

Prinsy Rana, Asmita Deka Dey, Tarun Agarwal, Arun Kumar

Research paper

Ternary TiO2/P-GQDs/AgI nanocomposites with n-p-n heterojunctions for enhanced visible photocatalysis

Chuanfu Shan, Ziyi Liu, Fuchao Li, Wenhan Jia, Gaotuo Cai, Ming Li, Tao Tang, Shuai Li, Jianfeng Wen, Guanghui Hu, Li Jiang, Xinyu Li

Research paper

Sc-doped SnS2 monolayer-based promising biosensor FET for lung cancer early diagnosis: an ab-initio study

Swati Verma, Arun Kumar, Rahul Baghel, Mohan L. Verma

Research paper

Enhanced photovoltaic performance of PM6/Y6-based organic solar cells by a wide-bandgap small molecule acceptor

Shu Yang, Junxiu Pan, Suxia Wu, Dan Luo, Xingxing Shen, Fei Peng, Yajie Zhang

Research paper

Magneto caloric effects in the graphdiyne structure: monte carlo study

A. Jabar, L. Bahmad, A. Benyoussef

Research paper

Study of CO molecules on Pd/Al2O3/NiAl(110) surface by atomic force microscopy and Kelvin probe force microscopy

Shanrong Zou, Jiuyan Wei, Qiang Zhu, Hongqian Sang, Yasuhiro Sugawara, Yan Jun Li

Research paper

Manganese oxide nanoparticles: the influence of manganese oxidation state on selective lysis of tumor cells

Ivan Razumov, Sergei Troitskii, Olga Solovieva, Evgenii Suprun

Research paper

Molecular dynamics simulation study of nano-cutting interaction mechanisms in grain boundary affect zone segregated Cu alloys

Hongsong Han, WenLi Ye, Feng Zhang, Dasheng Zhu, Yufan Shen, Xusheng Xiong

Research paper

Na doped CuO as a new Day- Night (Photo) Catalyst

Mittal Bathwar, Vijayaraghavan R

Research paper

Efficient reduction of hexavalent chromium over functionalized-graphene-supported Pd nanoparticles

Xianfeng Dong, Di Wang, Haotian Zhang, Guangqian Wang, Weixia Tu

Research paper

Effect of etching time on optical response of calmodulin-functionalized porous silicon calcium detector

Kaustav Sen, Deeparati Basu, Syed M. Hossain, Jayoti Das

Research paper

Exploration of the improving effect of Cd-doping on structural, photocatalytic, and biological properties of ZnO nanoparticles

B. Yalcin, L. Arda, I. E. Yalcin, K. Senturk, M. C. Alphan, D. Akcan, I. I. Ozyigit

Research paper

Growth of MWCNTs with composite catalyst: synergistic enhancement of field emission and gas sensing properties at room temperature

Mohd Sarvar, Mohd Yaseen Lone, Shah Masheerul Aalam, Md Faiz Akram, Islam Uddin, Mohammad Shahid Khan, Javid Ali

Research paper

Improvement of radiation stability of ZnO powder by modification with CeO2 nanoparticles

Mikhail M. Mikhailov, Alexey N. Lapin, Semyon A. Yuryev, Vladimir A. Goronchko

Research paper

Remdesivir nanosuspension for potential nasal drug delivery: determination of pro-inflammatory interleukin IL-4 mRNA expression and industrial scale-up strategy

Yasir Mehmood, Hira Shahid, Muhammad Azam Tahir, Muhammad Abbas, Umar Farooq, Zia Mohyuddin Khan, Hammad Yousaf, Mohammad N. Uddin, Mohsin Kazi

Research paper

Bentonite functionalized with magnetite nanoparticles synthesized from mining sludge: a new magnetic material for removing iron and manganese ions from water

Andre A. A. Lima, Juliana N. Quirino, Rafael Cavina, Bruno S. D. Onishi, Maria J. Santos

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