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KSCE Journal of Civil Engineering

Ausgabe 2/2024

Inhalt (37 Artikel)

Construction Management

A Three-Stage Dynamic Risk Model for Metro Shield Tunnel Construction

Na Xu, Chaoran Guo, Li Wang, Xueqing Zhou, Ying Xie

Environmental Engineering

Numerical Simulation of Heat Transfer Characteristics of Capillary Radiant Heating Floor

Shenghua Fu, Yang Pan, Xingping Wan, Jiyue Wang, Xiaofeng Jia, Xinmei Luo, Hongqiang Ma

Environmental Engineering

Reduction in Water Permeability of a Penetrating-Sealer-Incorporated Liquid Deicer

Seung-Hwan Ma, Seung-Chan Yang, Eun-Ji Kang, Ho-Young Kim

Geotechnical Engineering

Diameter Measurement of Jet-Grouting Column Using Geo-Electrical Probe: Construction and Field Testing

Abolfazl Amini, Mahdi Rojhani, Asghar Azadi, Mohammad Amin Raoof

Geotechnical Engineering

Mechanical Performance of Alkali-activated Stabilized Sandy Soil Reinforced with Glass Wool Residue Microfibers

Mohamad Kianynejad, Mohamad Mohsen Toufigh, Vahid Toufigh

Geotechnical Engineering

Experimental Study on the Migration and Clogging of Fine Particles in Coarse-Grained Soil with Seepage

Tao He, Haitao Mao, Chao Zhang, Yi Gu, Bin Yang

Geotechnical Engineering

Grain Size Correction of Pavement Unbound Granular Material Using Recycled Glass Aggregate

Abderrahmane Doukani, Hadj Bekki, Lazhar Hariche

Geotechnical Engineering

Research and Practice of Full Plugging Groundwater Technology in Water-Rich TBM Diversion Tunnel

Lichuan Wang, Shuai Zhang, Zongqing Zhou, Jian Wu, Tao Bai, Yunjuan Chen, Jingbo Zhao, Shuo Xu

Geotechnical Engineering

Investigating the Effect of Polypropylene Fiber on Mechanical Features of a Geopolymer-Stabilized Silty Soil

Hakan A. Kamiloğlu, Kutluhan Kurucu, Dilek Akbaş

Geotechnical Engineering

Thermal Conductivity of Loess: Experimental Studies and Empirical Model

Jingjing Wang, Juntao Deng, Jianguo Zheng, Tiehang Wang, Yongtang Yu

Geotechnical Engineering

Large-scale Field Tests of the Performance of Geogrid-reinforced Piled Embankment over Soft Soil

Gang Wang, Xianwei Zhang, Xinyu Liu, Zhixiong Chang, Zhihai Liu

Railroad Engineering

Assessment and Control of Metro-induced Vibration and Secondary Noise of TOD Buildings

Defeng Zeng, Zhaowei Chen, Qinglie He

Structural Engineering

Improved Sine-cosine Algorithm for the Optimization Design of Truss Structures

Huanlin Zhou, Xiaomeng Yang, Ran Tao, Haolong Chen

Structural Engineering

Lateral Load Behavior of Self-centering Frame with Y-Eccentrically Braced Substructure: An Experiment and Numerical Analysis

Jingang Xiong, Moqiang Xiong, Youquan Liu, Xiang Li, Shujun Hu

Structural Engineering

Study on the Seismic Optimization Scheme of Steel Bundled-Tube Structure with Vertical Setback

Yong Hao, Feng Chen, Yun-hui Han, Xue-qian Hao, Chun-hui Du, Qiu-yu Ding

Structural Engineering

Structural Behavior of Steel-Concrete Composite Girders Composed of Demountable Shear Connectors

Dae-Sung Jung, Se-Hyun Park, Tae-Hyeong Kim, Chul-Young Kim

Structural Engineering

Experimental Study on Failure Mode of Precast Assembled Segmental Beams under Impact Loading

Baobin Shi, Yinhui Wang, Chuang Chen, Zheng Luo

Structural Engineering

Stayed Buckle Cable Recycling for Seismic Upgrading of Super-long-span Concrete Filled Steel Tube Arch Bridges

Dan Ye, Jianting Zhou, Ruijie Zhang, Lueqin Xu, Shuangshuang Jin

Structural Engineering

Shaking Table Test on Composite Isolation System of High-speed Railway Station with Integrated Station-Bridge Structure

Yingying Zhang, Penghao Yu, Baorui Sun, Yi Zhou, Peijian Chen, Junhao Xu, Yushuai Zhao

Structural Engineering

A New Analytical Method for Link Slab Analysis

Yufan Luo, Quansheng Yan, Xiaogang Yue, Buyu Jia, Xiaolin Yu, Yuxuan Chen

Structural Engineering

Machine Learning Technique for the Prediction of Blended Concrete Compressive Strength

Dawood S. A. Jubori, Abu B. Nabilah, Nor A. Safiee, Aidi H. Alias, Noor A. M. Nasir

Structural Engineering

Pushover Analyses of Slender Cantilever Bridge Piers with Strength and Ductility Degradation

Paolo Di Re, Davide Bernardini, Daniela Ruta, Achille Paolone

Structural Engineering

Experimental and Numerical Investigations on the Spherical Steel Bearing Capacity of New Anti-Separation Design

Lei Yan, Xiao-Ying Gou, Xin Zhang, Yu Jiang, Xing-Wen Ran, Ping Zhang

Structural Engineering

Optimal Schemes of Tall Pinned Masts

Rimantas Belevičius, Donatas Jatulis, Dainius Rusakevičius

Surveying and Geo-Spatial Engineering

Evaluating the Safety and Control Scheme of Coastal Railway Using Land Subsidence Coupling Model

Xiao Yang, Chao Jia, Tian Yang, Yue Yao, Xiaowei Zhang

Tunnel Engineering

Performance and Applicability of Recognizing Microseismic Waveforms Using Neural Networks in Tunnels

Wei Zhang, Xin Bi, Lei Hu, Pengxiang Li, Zhibin Yao

Tunnel Engineering

Sequential Prediction of the TBM Tunnelling Attitude Based on Long-Short Term Memory with Mechanical Movement Principle

Ruirui Wang, Yuhang Xiao, Qian Guo, Hai Wang, Lingli Zhang, Yaodong Ni

Water Resources and Hydrologic Engineering

Monitoring and Evaluating the Severity of Drought-flood Abrupt Alternation Events Using Daily Standardized Precipitation Index

Ho-Jun Son, Ji Eun Kim, Sung Ho Byun, Joo-Heon Lee, Tae-Woong Kim