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15.08.2019 | Research Article

Antecedents of Inbound and Outbound M&A: Industry-Level Analysis from India

Cross-border mergers and acquisitions (M&As) allow economic integration across countries and impact industries’ productivity and structure, which has implications for managers, customers, suppliers, and policy-makers. Therefore, it is crucial to …

06.08.2019 | Research Article

Unbalanced Institutions in Market Transition: How Do They Matter for Firm Strategic Choices and Performance in Emerging Economies?

The legal and economic institutions in emerging economies normally undergo major changes during the transition to a market economy. The development of legal and economic institutions in such economies is discussed, and two different development …

29.07.2019 | Research Article

Networks’ Impact on the Entrepreneurial Internationalization: A Literature Review and Research Agenda

This paper reports a systematic literature review by seeking to discuss research that explored the impact of networks on the entrepreneurial internationalization of international new ventures (INVs). A screening process resulted in a final sample …

22.07.2019 | Research Article Open Access

Processes Underlying MNE Subsidiary Absorptive Capacity: Evidence from Emerging Markets

We explore the determinants of absorptive capacity by examining how managers of MNE subsidiaries operating in emerging markets recognize, assimilate and apply external knowledge. From analysis of the subsidiaries of 12 MNEs with data from a total …

16.07.2019 | Research Article Open Access

Individualism and Venture Capital: A Cross-Country Study

We investigate the effect of individualism—a dimension of culture that is strongly associated with entrepreneurship—on venture-capital investments using a large cross-country sample. Our sample consists of 1496 country-year observations and …

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