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Measurement Techniques

Measurement Techniques 1/2014

Ausgabe 1/2014

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 18 Artikel )

01.04.2014 | STATE STANDARDS | Ausgabe 1/2014

National Primary Standard for the Units of Complex Dielectric Permittivity in the Frequency Range from 1 to 178.4 Ghz

V. N. Egorov, M. V. Kashchenko, V. L. Masalov, E. Yu. Tokareva, Nong Quoc Quang


Multimodel Processing of Measurement Data in Intelligent Systems for Predicting the Reliability of Spaceborne Equipment

M. I. Lomakin, A. N. Mironov, O. L. Shestopalova

01.04.2014 | Ausgabe 1/2014

Selection of Verification Methods for Measurement Instruments Under Restricted Resource Conditions

S. N. Filimonov

01.04.2014 | Ausgabe 1/2014

Analysis of Phase Noise in Heterodyne Interferometry with Acousto-Optical Transformation of Light Frequency

S. G. Grishin, V. I. Teleshevskii

01.04.2014 | Linear and angular measurements | Ausgabe 1/2014

Metrological Analysis of a System for Management of the Application of Coatings on the Inner Surface of Pipes

B. V. Skvortsov, M. I. Zaretskaya, S. A. Borminskii

01.04.2014 | Ausgabe 1/2014

Investigations of Dynamic Goniometers with Optical Angle-Data Transmitter

E. M. Ivashchenko, P. A. Pavlov

01.04.2014 | Ausgabe 1/2014

Analog-to-Digital Converters of the Components of a Displacement with the Use of Microelectronic Sine-Cosine Magnetic Encoders

Yu. S. Smirnov, T. A. Kozina, E. V. Yurasova, A. V. Sokolov

01.04.2014 | Mass Measurements | Ausgabe 1/2014

Precision Measurement of the Mass of Gases

A. A. Begunov

01.04.2014 | Optophysical Measurements | Ausgabe 1/2014

Methods of Measuring the Spectral Characteristics and Identifying the Components of Grain Mixtures in Real-Time Separation Systems

E. K. Algazinov, M. A. Dryuchenko, D. A. Minakov, A. A. Sirota, V. A. Shul’gin

01.04.2014 | Ausgabe 1/2014

A Laser Radiation Attenuator Based on Four Dove Prisms

T. V. Isaeva, A. A. Kovalev, A. A. Liberman, A. S. Mikryukov, S. A. Moskalyuk, M. V. Ulanovskii

01.04.2014 | Ausgabe 1/2014

The Effect of Focusing on the Lateral Resolution of an Interference Microscope

G. G. Levin, N. N. Moiseev, Ya. A. Ilyushin, V. L. Minaev

01.04.2014 | THERMAL MEASUREMENTS | Ausgabe 1/2014

The Reconstruction of a Cuboid of Infrared Images to Detect Hidden Objects. Part 2. A Method and Apparatus for Remote Measurements of the Thermal Parameters of Isotropic Materials

I. N. Ishchuk, A. V. Parfir’ev

01.04.2014 | Ausgabe 1/2014

The Results of Thermal Investigations in the Region of the Contact Soldering of Electronic Devices

V. N. Shtennikov, B. T. Budai

01.04.2014 | Electromagnetic Measurements | Ausgabe 1/2014

The Instrumental Error When Determining the Phase Angle Between Low-Frequency Signals with Storage and GPS Synchronization

O. L. Sokol-Kutylovskii, A. I. Sarvartinov

01.04.2014 | Radio Measurements | Ausgabe 1/2014

A Mathematical Model for Calculating the Reliability of Nonreducible Phased Antenna Arrays

V. V. Kostanovskii

01.04.2014 | Medical and Biological Measurements | Ausgabe 1/2014

Baseline Drift Filtering for an Arterial Pulse Signal

A. A. Fedotov

01.04.2014 | Ausgabe 1/2014

Metrological Support for Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction Amplifiers

Yu. A. Kudeyarov, E. V. Kulyabina, A. V. Mardanov, O. N. Melkova, M. V. Sukhacheva

01.04.2014 | Physicochemical Measurements | Ausgabe 1/2014

Methods and Means of Dielectric Measurements of Aqueous Solutions of Electrolytes

O. M. Rozental, Yu. G. Podkin

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