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MTZ worldwide 1/2022
MTZ worldwide

Ausgabe 1/2022


Inhaltsverzeichnis (14 Artikel)

01.01.2022 | Editorial

Yet Another Crisis
Marc Ziegler

01.01.2022 | News

People + Companies

01.01.2022 | In the Spotlight

New Potential for Plug-in Hybrids
Gernot Goppelt

01.01.2022 | Cover Story

Efficient and Robust Design
Thomas Schneider

01.01.2022 | Cover Story

Friction Estimation for Dedicated Hybrid Engines
Christian Kehren, Pascal Ortlieb, Daniel Henaux, Tolga Uhlmann

Free Access 01.01.2022 | Cover Story

"The greatest possible freedom of design requires large amounts of energy"
Marc Ziegler

01.01.2022 | Cover Story

Instrumented Engine Bearings for Lubricant Film Thickness Measurement
Henry Brunskill, Andrew Hunter, Hosung Nam, Junsik Park

01.01.2022 | News


01.01.2022 | Development

Experimental and Numerical Analysis of the Wear of Timing Chains
Robert Tandler, Ulrich Gabbert

01.01.2022 | Development

Injection Lines for 3000 bar System Pressure
Sebastian Brust, Hossein Karbasian, Steffen Zimmermann, Karl Meiwes

01.01.2022 | Development

Use of Particle Simulations in the Development Process for Vehicle Gearboxes
Dominik Etges, Ingo Schulz

01.01.2022 | Development

Friction-optimized High Power Density Diesel Engine for the Indian Market
V Vikraman, Namani Prasad Babu, S Suresh Bagavathy, Ch Madhu Kishore

01.01.2022 | Research

Potentials of Coupled Test Benches
Philipp Weber, Stefan Hähnlein, Philip Rautenberg, Marcus Gohl

01.01.2022 | Guest Commentary

Quality Assurance for Measurement Data and Simulation Environments
Hanno Ihme-Schramm

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