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Discriminative Probabilistic Latent Semantic Analysis with Application to Single Sample Face Recognition

Face recognition is still a challenging issue due to the presence of intrinsic complexity, external variations and number limitation of training samples. In this paper, a novel face recognition method based on probabilistic latent semantic …


A Dynamic ELM with Balanced Variance and Bias for Long-Term Online Prediction

For long-term online prediction of nonlinear time series, how to determine a feasible network architecture that conforms to the time-varying data stream is recognized to be a challenging problem. To deal with the issue, a dynamic ELM with balanced …


Enhanced Bird Detection from Low-Resolution Aerial Image Using Deep Neural Networks

Bird detection in LR images is essential for the applications of unmanned aerial vehicles. It is still a challenging task because traditional discriminative features in high-resolution (HR) usually disappear in low-resolution (LR) images. Although …


Multi-task Character-Level Attentional Networks for Medical Concept Normalization

Recognizing standard medical concepts in the colloquial text is significant for kinds of applications such as the medical question answering system. Recently, word-level neural network methods, which can learn complex informal expression features …


Obstacle Detection by Fusing Point Clouds and Monocular Image

Obstacle detection is a significant and fundamental issue in autonomous driving and robotics. This paper proposes a novel method to locate obstacles in the scene by comprehensively utilizing the sparse point clouds captured by a Lidar and the …

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Effizienzsteigerung durch die und in der Magnetlagertechnik

Magnetlager sind aus etlichen industriellen Anwendungen nicht mehr wegzudenken, in anderen erscheint ein Einsatz in Zukunft vielversprechend. Durch die Magnetlagertechnik werden Effizienzsteigerungen unterschiedlicher Art ermöglicht – sowohl auf direkte Weise durch Verringerung der Lagerverluste im Vergleich zu mechanischen Lagerungen, als auch durch Verbesserungen im industriellen Prozess, die erst durch die besonderen Eigenschaften der Magnetlagerung erzielt werden können.
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