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Robust Affine Subspace Clustering via Smoothed -Norm

In the past few years, sparse representation based method has been used in many fields with breathtaking speed due to its superior sparse recovery performance. Sparse subspace clustering (SSC), as one of its application hot-spots, has attracted …


Weighted Pseudo Almost Periodic Shunting Inhibitory Cellular Neural Networks with Multi-proportional Delays

In this present paper, the dynamics of weighted pseudo almost periodic shunting inhibitory cellular neural networks with multi-proportional delays is concerned. By applying the fixed point theorem and differential inequality techniques, the …


Several Novel Dynamic Ensemble Selection Algorithms for Time Series Prediction

The goal to improve prediction accuracy and robustness of predictive models is quite important for time series prediction (TSP). Multi-model predictions ensemble exhibits favorable capability to enhance forecasting precision. Nevertheless, a …


Finite-Time Synchronization of Complex-Valued Neural Networks with Multiple Time-Varying Delays and Infinite Distributed Delays

This paper investigates finite-time synchronization of complexed-valued neural networks with multiple time-varying delays and infinite distributed delays. By separating the complex-valued neural networks into the real and the imaginary parts, the …


On the Flexible Dynamics Analysis for the Unified Discrete-Time RNNs

The uniformly pseudo-projection-anti-monotone (UPPAM) networks can jointly cover almost all of the known recurrent neural network individuals. In this paper, we develop some convergence theory for the UPPAM networks when the time is discrete. The …

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Globales Erdungssystem in urbanen Kabelnetzen

Bedingt durch die Altersstruktur vieler Kabelverteilnetze mit der damit verbundenen verminderten Isolationsfestigkeit oder durch fortschreitenden Kabelausbau ist es immer häufiger erforderlich, anstelle der Resonanz-Sternpunktserdung alternative Konzepte für die Sternpunktsbehandlung umzusetzen. Die damit verbundenen Fehlerortungskonzepte bzw. die Erhöhung der Restströme im Erdschlussfall führen jedoch aufgrund der hohen Fehlerströme zu neuen Anforderungen an die Erdungs- und Fehlerstromrückleitungs-Systeme. Lesen Sie hier über die Auswirkung von leitfähigen Strukturen auf die Stromaufteilung sowie die Potentialverhältnisse in urbanen Kabelnetzen bei stromstarken Erdschlüssen. Jetzt gratis downloaden!