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Synchronization and Robust Synchronization of Coupled Neural Networks with Non-identical Nodes

For coupled neural networks (CNNs) composed of non-identical nodes, the problems of $$\mathcal {H}_\infty $$ H ∞ synchronization and robust $$\mathcal {H}_\infty $$ H ∞ synchronization are solved in the paper. On the one side, some new $$\mathcal …


Improve Semi-supervised Learning with Metric Learning Clusters and Auxiliary Fake Samples

Because it is very expensive to collect a large number of labeled samples to train deep neural networks in certain fields, semi-supervised learning (SSL) researcher has become increasingly important in recent years. There are many consistency …


Interval Neutrosophic Einstein Prioritized Normalized Weighted Geometric Bonferroni Mean Operator and its Application to Multicriteria Decision making

In a real or practical situation, there often exist different priority levels and interactions among the criteria of the MCDM problems. This paper combines the prioritized average operator with the normalized weighted geometric Bonferroni mean …


Anfis-Based Defect Severity Prediction on a Multi-Stage Gearbox Operating Under Fluctuating Speeds

Previous research investigators have exploited machine-learning algorithms to diagnose the defects in rotating machinery. However, with increasing complexity in the design of rotating machinery, it is quite challenging to quantify the faults …


Existence, Uniqueness and Stability of Mild Solutions to a Stochastic Nonlocal Delayed Reaction–Diffusion Equation

The aim of this paper is to investigate the existence, uniqueness and stability of mild solutions to a stochastic delayed reaction–diffusion equation with spatial non-locality. This equation can be used to model the spatial–temporal evolution for …

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