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Production Engineering 3-4/2021
Production Engineering

Ausgabe 3-4/2021


Inhaltsverzeichnis (25 Artikel)

Open Access 23.01.2021 | Computer Aided Engineering

Uncovering the human evaluation of changeability for automated factory layout planning: an expert survey
Peter Burggräf, Matthias Dannapfel, Viviane Hahn, Michael Preutenborbeck

06.02.2021 | Machine Tool

Chip formation simulation and analysis of the mechanical loads during micro single-lip deep hole drilling of Inconel 718 with varying cooling lubricant pressure
Ekrem Oezkaya, Sebastian Michel, Dirk Biermann

Open Access 17.02.2021 | Machine Tool

Efficient integration process of production data into Augmented Reality based maintenance of machine tools
Christian Kollatsch, Philipp Klimant

17.01.2021 | Production Management

Complexity in manufacturing systems: a literature review
Germán Herrera Vidal, Jairo Rafael Coronado Hernández

Open Access 28.01.2021 | Production Management

A comparison of methods for determining performance based employee deployment in production systems
Jonas Ast, Raed Wasseghi, Peter Nyhuis

06.02.2021 | Production Management

Productivity enhancement: lean manufacturing performance measurement based multiple indicators of decision making
Anita Susilawati

27.02.2021 | Production Management

Complexity management in project organisations
Zaza Nadja Lee Hansen, Anders Haug, Said Afandi, Lars Hvam

28.02.2021 | Production Management

A new approach to select the reliable suppliers for one-shot devices
Meysam Azimian, Mahdi Karbasian, Karim Atashgar, Golam Kabir

13.03.2021 | Correction

Correction to: A new approach to select the reliable suppliers for one‑shot devices
Meysam Azimian, Mahdi Karbasian, Karim Atashgar, Golam Kabir

Open Access 26.02.2021 | Production Management

Increased resilience for manufacturing systems in supply networks through data-based turbulence mitigation
Dennis Bauer, Markus Böhm, Thomas Bauernhansl, Alexander Sauer

Open Access 01.03.2021 | Production Management

A virtual commissioning based methodology to integrate digital twins into manufacturing systems
Giacomo Barbieri, Alberto Bertuzzi, Andrea Capriotti, Lorenzo Ragazzini, David Gutierrez, Elisa Negri, Luca Fumagalli

Open Access 14.03.2021 | Production Management

Development and evaluation of risk treatment paths within energy-oriented production planning and control
Stefan Roth, Vincent Kalchschmid, Gunther Reinhart

Open Access 18.03.2021 | Production Management

Maturity model for determining digitalization levels within different product lifecycle phases
Carina Siedler, Stephanie Dupont, Mona Tafvizi Zavareh, Frank Zeihsel, Tobias Ehemann, Chantal Sinnwell, Jens C. Göbel, Klaus J. Zink, Jan C. Aurich

Open Access 30.01.2021 | Production Process

Approach to the numerical modelling of the chip temperatures in single grain scratching
Thomas Bergs, Jannik Röttger, Sebastian Barth, Sebastian Prinz

Open Access 19.03.2021 | Production Process

Decision basis for multi-directional path planning for post-processing reduction in material extrusion
Steffen Hohenstein, Georg Bergweiler, Gerret Lukas, Viktoria Krömer, Tobias Otten

Open Access 07.02.2021 | Production Process

Modeling Fused Filament Fabrication using Artificial Neural Networks
Paul Oehlmann, Paul Osswald, Juan Camilo Blanco, Martin Friedrich, Dominik Rietzel, Gerd Witt

Open Access 10.03.2021 | Production Process

Numerical and experimental investigations for distortion-reduced laser heat treatment of aluminum
Nikolaos Rigas, Marion Merklein

Open Access 01.03.2021 | Production Process

Influence of a closed-loop controlled laser metal wire deposition process of S Al 5356 on the quality of manufactured parts before and after subsequent machining
Dina Becker, Steffen Boley, Rocco Eisseler, Thomas Stehle, Hans-Christian Möhring, Volkher Onuseit, Max Hoßfeld, Thomas Graf

Open Access 16.03.2021 | Production Process

A time series classification approach to non-destructive hardness testing using magnetic Barkhausen noise emission
Martin Unterberg, Joachim Stanke, Daniel Trauth, Thomas Bergs

01.03.2021 | Production Process

A novel approach of combined edge detection and segmentation for tool wear measurement in machining
P. J. Bagga, M. A. Makhesana, K. M. Patel

Open Access 02.03.2021 | Production Process

Improving machinability of additively manufactured components with selectively weakened material
Clemens Maucher, Heiko Teich, Hans-Christian Möhring

12.03.2021 | Production Process

A trimmed EWMA control charts for non-normal processes
Nadia Saeed, Moustafa Omar Ahmed Abu-Shawiesh

Open Access 11.03.2021 | Production Process

Self-optimizing process planning of multi-step polishing processes
Berend Denkena, Marc-André Dittrich, Hai Nam Nguyen, Konrad Bild

Open Access 18.03.2021 | Production Process

Roll forming of a high strength AA7075 aluminum tube
Timon Suckow, Julius Schroeder, Peter Groche

Open Access 19.02.2021 | Tooling

Surface topography after deep rolling with milling kinematics
Berend Denkena, Alexander Krödel, Steffen Heikebrügge, Kolja Meyer, Philipp Pillkahn

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