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Progress in Additive Manufacturing

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13.05.2020 | Review Article

Advances in modeling transport phenomena in material-extrusion additive manufacturing: Coupling momentum, heat, and mass transfer

Material-extrusion (MatEx) additive manufacturing involves layer-by-layer assembly of extruded material onto a printer bed and has found applications in rapid prototyping. Both material and machining limitations lead to poor mechanical properties …

08.05.2020 | Full Research Article

Spherical slicing method and its application on robotic additive manufacturing

This article presents a spherical slicing method for additive manufacturing (AM) which is used to lay additive layers on a spherical surface, thus removing the stair stepping effect, increasing structural integrity and tensile strength. A toolpath …

25.04.2020 | Full Research Article

Gold plating of AlSi10Mg parts produced by a laser powder-bed fusion additive manufacturing technique

Laser powder-bed fusion (LPBF) method is one of the most important additive manufacturing (AM) technologies. AM-LPBF parts frequently need post-printing coatings for electrical and thermal conductivity enhancement, or matching decoration …

18.04.2020 | Full Research Article

Process gas influence on microstructure and mechanical behavior of Inconel 718 fabricated via selective laser melting

The influence of process gas on porosity, microstructure, and mechanical properties of nickel-based superalloy Inconel 718 (IN718) produced via selective laser melting (SLM) was investigated. Density and surface roughness of as-built parts were …

10.04.2020 | Full Research Article

Simulation-assisted analysis of microstructural evolution of Ti–6Al–4V during laser powder bed fusion

A combination of a Multi-Phase Field model and an Orientation Field is proposed to describe the microstructure evolution induced by laser–material interaction in Laser Powder Bed Fusion (LPBF). The relevant phase transformations are covered by …

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Progress in Additive Manufacturing publishes advances in the processing of materials using additive manufacturing technologies, as well as new combinations of additive and subtractive manufacturing technologies.

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