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15.05.2021 | Original Article

A sensitive acetaminophen sensor based on Co metal–organic framework (ZIF-67) and macroporous carbon composite

The composite of zeolitic imidazolate frameworks (ZIF-67) and ordered macroporous carbon (OMC) was successfully synthesized via in situ growth from the OMC matrix. The ZIF67–OMC composite was verified by scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and …

15.05.2021 | Review

Multiscale observation of Li plating for lithium-ion batteries

As the most hazardous side reaction, Li plating poses high risks of undermining electrochemical performance of Li-ion batteries by accelerating degradation. Under some extreme abuse conditions, Li plating can even jeopardize safety performance and …

15.05.2021 | Review

A review of non-noble metal-based electrocatalysts for CO2 electroreduction

The excessive emission of CO2 has caused many environmental issues and is severely threatening the eco-system. CO2 electroreduction reaction (CO2RR) that driven by sustainable power is an ideal route for realizing the net reduction of CO2 and …

15.05.2021 | Original Article

Improving thermoelectric properties of ZrPtSn-based half-Heusler compound by Sb doping

Because of the energy crisis and environmental pollution, technique revolution is in urgent need to improve the current ecological environment. Thermoelectric (TE) materials can realize the conversion between heat and electricity directly, which …

15.05.2021 | Communication

In vitro and in vivo antibacterial activity of graphene oxide-modified porous TiO2 coatings under 808-nm light irradiation

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As a peer-reviewed and international research journal, Rare Metals provides a forum for publishing full-length, original papers and invited overviews that advance the in-depth understanding of rare metals and their applications. Papers that have a high impact potential and/or substantially advance the frontiers of science and technology are sought. Rare Metals promotes papers precisely and globally to make scientific findings understood by a broad range of readers.

The following aspects related to rare metals are of particular interest:

  • Cross-disciplinary research in application of rare metals in functional materials, composites, nano materials, alloys, ceramics.
  • Characterization of structure and properties of rare metal materials specifically as it relates to cutting-edge materials.
  • Development of methodology with potential global impact in metallurgy, synthesis and processing of rare metals.
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