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Statistics of oxidation resistance of Ni–(0–15)Co–(8–15)Cr–(0–5)Mo–(0–10)W–(3–8)Al–(0–5)Ti–(0–10)Ta–0.1C–0.01B superalloys at 1000 °C by compositional variations

The effects of alloying elements (Co, Cr, Mo, W, Al, Ti, and Ta) on the oxidation resistance of Ni–(0–15)Co–(8–15)Cr–(0–5)Mo–(0–10)W–(3–8)Al–(0–5)Ti–(0–10)Ta–0.1C–0.01B alloys were studied. The sample compositions were designed by the Box–Behnken …


Electrospun and in situ self-polymerization of polyacrylonitrile containing gadolinium nanofibers for thermal neutron protection

In this work, the polyacrylonitrile containing gadolinium nanofibers for thermal neutron protection were successfully fabricated by electrospunning and followed by in situ self-polymerization. Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and …


Recent progress in carbon/lithium metal composite anode for safe lithium metal batteries

The Li-ion batteries (LIBs) have been the dominant power sources for portable electronic devices and are transforming the transportation and grid sectors [ 1 ]. However, the limited practical energy density of LIBs hinders their widespread …


Ionic conductivity of infiltrated Ln (Ln = Gd, Sm, Y)-doped ceria

This work studies the ionic conductivity of nanosized Gd-, Sm-, and Y-doped ceria prepared by the infiltration/impregnation method. The nanoparticles were deposited onto porous pure ceria substrates via infiltration-heating processes, and the …


Improved resistance to electromigration and acoustomigration of Al interdigital transducers by Ni underlayer

The structure and morphology of Al interdigital transducers as a function of Ni underlayer thickness were studied. The Al (111) texture intensity increases first and then decreases as Ni underlayer thickness increases. 6-nm Ni underlayer results …

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As a peer-reviewed and international research journal, Rare Metals provides a forum for publishing full-length, original papers and invited overviews that advance the in-depth understanding of rare metals and their applications. Papers that have a high impact potential and/or substantially advance the frontiers of science and technology are sought. Rare Metals promotes papers precisely and globally to make scientific findings understood by a broad range of readers.

The following aspects related to rare metals are of particular interest:

  • Cross-disciplinary research in application of rare metals in functional materials, composites, nano materials, alloys, ceramics.
  • Characterization of structure and properties of rare metal materials specifically as it relates to cutting-edge materials.
  • Development of methodology with potential global impact in metallurgy, synthesis and processing of rare metals.
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Künstliche Intelligenz und die Potenziale des maschinellen Lernens für die Industrie

Maschinelles Lernen ist die Schlüsseltechnologie für intelligente Systeme. Besonders erfolgreich ist in den letzten Jahren das Lernen tiefer Modelle aus großen Datenmengen – „Deep Learning“. Mit dem Internet der Dinge rollt die nächste, noch größere Datenwelle auf uns zu. Hier bietet die Künstliche Intelligenz besondere Chancen für die deutsche Industrie, wenn sie schnell genug in die Digitalisierung einsteigt.
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