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26.02.2019 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Ausgabe 4/2019 Open Access

Journal of Material Cycles and Waste Management 4/2019

Removal characteristics of paint particles generated from paint spray booths

Journal of Material Cycles and Waste Management > Ausgabe 4/2019
Jae-Rang Lee, Seong‑Min Jeon, Naim Hasolli, Kang-San Lee, Kwan-Young Lee, Young-Ok Park
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The objective of this study is to eliminate the tackiness of sticky paint particles occurring in paint booths using calcium hydroxide. It ultimately aims to identify the optimal filtration velocity to determine the optimal operation condition for particle collection in the filter. As the filtration velocity increased further in the range of 0.2–0.5 m/min, the pressure drop increased rapidly, while the cleaning efficiency, overall collection efficiency, and fractional collection efficiency tended to decrease. The filtration velocity for optimal filtration condition was identified to be 0.2 m/min.

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