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08.04.2017 | Original Paper Open Access

Development and presentation of the first design process model for sports equipment design

Many design industries have design process models specific to their discipline. However, there is no design process model specific to the design of sports equipment. Sports equipment is highly user-centred to improve the sporting performance of an …

03.04.2017 | Original Paper Open Access

Redesign methodology for mechanical assembly

Design for assembly is the concept of carrying out critical thought early in the design stage to create assembly easement at the production stage. In the aerospace industry, products have very long lives, frequently being optimised rather than …

31.03.2017 | Original Paper

Criticality and propagation analysis of impacts between project deliverables

The implementation of a management by deliverables and deadlines is based on detailed planning and strict control of deliverables. It is a strategic decision that reports to the project manager and a key element to the success of complex projects.

22.03.2017 | Original Paper

Design for excess capability to handle uncertain product requirements in a developing world setting

Products designed for the developing world often go unused or underused by the intended customers. One cause of this problem is uncertainty regarding the actual requirements of customers in the developing world. This can result when designers …

13.03.2017 | Original Paper

Manufacturing signature and operating conditions in a variational model for tolerance analysis of rigid assemblies

The need of a univocal language for geometrical product specification considering all steps of the product life cycle such as design, manufacturing, and inspection is inevitable. Most models for Computer-Aided Tolerancing proposed by researchers …

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Research in Engineering Design is an international journal that publishes research papers on design theory and methodology in mechanical civil chemical electrical architectural and manufacturing engineering as well as software engineering. The journal is designed for professionals in industry government and academia in research issues relevant to design practice. General areas of interest include theories of design foundations of design environments representations and languages models of design processes and integration of design and manufacturing. Representative topics include functional representation feature-based design shape grammars process design redesign product database models and experimental studies. Research in Engineering Design also publishes book reviews state-of-the-art review articles and research reports from selected design research laboratories. Through a special cooperative agreement the Editor of Konstruktion - one of the world's leading scientific journals in this field - also serves as an Advisory Editor of Research in Engineering Design . This special link will enhance the worldwide flow of important new information in the engineering design areas covered by both journals. Articles that have appeared in one journal and are deemed to be of special interest to readers of both journals will be translated and published in the other.

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