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Review of Accounting Studies

Ausgabe 3/2022

RAST 2021 Conference Issue

Inhalt (10 Artikel)

Open Access

Walking the walk? Bank ESG disclosures and home mortgage lending

Sudipta Basu, Justin Vitanza, Wei Wang, Xiaoyu Ross Zhu

Open Access

Do ESG funds make stakeholder-friendly investments?

Aneesh Raghunandan, Shiva Rajgopal

Open Access

Walk the talk: ESG mutual fund voting on shareholder proposals

Shane S. Dikolli, Mary Margaret Frank, Zhe Michael Guo, Luann J. Lynch

Open Access

Investors’ response to the #MeToo movement: does corporate culture matter?

Mary Brooke Billings, April Klein, Yanting Crystal Shi

Open Access

Is artificial intelligence improving the audit process?

Anastassia Fedyk, James Hodson, Natalya Khimich, Tatiana Fedyk

Open Access

Green new hiring

Alper Darendeli, Kelvin K. F. Law, Michael Shen

Open Access

Meet, beat, and pollute

Jake Thomas, Wentao Yao, Frank Zhang, Wei Zhu

Open Access

Real-time revenue and firm disclosure

Elizabeth Blankespoor, Bradley E. Hendricks, Joseph Piotroski, Christina Synn

Open Access

Audit process, private information, and insider trading

Salman Arif, John D. Kepler, Joseph Schroeder, Daniel Taylor

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