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18.02.2019 | Overview Paper Open Access

Multi-view approaches for software and system modelling: a systematic literature review

Over the years, a number of approaches have been proposed on the description of systems and software in terms of multiple views represented by models. This modelling branch, so-called multi-view software and system modelling, praises a …

18.02.2019 | Regular Paper

Model execution tracing: a systematic mapping study

Model-Driven Engineering is a development paradigm that uses models instead of code as primary development artifacts. In this paper, we focus on executable models, which are used to abstract the behavior of systems for the purpose of verifying and …

06.02.2019 | Regular Paper

Integrated revision and variation control for evolving model-driven software product lines

Software engineering projects are faced with abstraction, which is achieved by software models, historical evolution, which is addressed by revision control, and variability, which is managed with the help of software product line engineering.

02.02.2019 | Regular Paper

Improving manual reviews in function-centered engineering of embedded systems using a dedicated review model

In model-based engineering of embedded systems, manual validation activities such as reviews and inspections are needed to ensure that the system under development satisfies the stakeholder intentions. During the engineering process, changes in …

30.01.2019 | Regular Paper

Privacy-enhanced BPMN: enabling data privacy analysis in business processes models

Privacy-enhancing technologies play an important role in preventing the disclosure of private data as information is transmitted and processed. Although business process model and notation (BPMN) is well suited for expressing stakeholder …

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Software and System Modeling (SoSyM) is a quarterly international journal that focuses on theoretical and practical issues in the development and application of software and system modeling languages, techniques, and methods, such as the Unified Modeling Language. The aim of SoSyM is to publish high-quality works that further understanding of the theoretical underpinnings of modeling languages and techniques, present rigorous analyses of modeling experiences, and present scalable modeling techniques and processes that facilitate rigorous and economical development of software.

SoSyM is unique in its emphasis on theoretical foundations of modeling languages and techniques and on rigorous analysis of "real-world" modeling experiences. The balance of theoretical and experience-based works provides insights that can lead to better modeling languages and techniques. In addition, modeling practitioners can gain a deeper understanding of languages and techniques that can lead to more effective applications.

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