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12.10.2019 | Special Section Paper

Mining reading patterns from eye-tracking data: method and demonstration

Understanding how developers interact with different software artifacts when performing comprehension tasks has a potential to improve developers’ productivity. In this paper, we propose a method to analyze eye-tracking data using process mining …

26.09.2019 | Guest Editorial

Editorial to the theme section on model-based engineering of smart systems

The term ‘smart’ is widely applied to products and systems that are enabled by, and depend upon, computing and communication technology to analyse and respond to changing conditions in their environment. The category encompasses systems that range …

25.09.2019 | Special Section Paper

A security requirements modelling language for cloud computing environments

This paper presents a novel security modelling language and a set of original analysis techniques, for capturing and analysing security requirements for cloud computing environments. The novelty of the language lies in the integration of concepts …

20.09.2019 | Theme Section Paper

Early-stage analysis of cyber-physical production systems through collaborative modelling

This paper demonstrates the flexible methodology of modelling cyber-physical systems (CPSs) using the INTO-CPS technology through co-simulation based on Functional Mock-up Units (FMUs). It explores a novel method with two main co-simulation …

20.09.2019 | Theme Section Paper

A framework for FMI-based co-simulation of human–machine interfaces

A framework for co-simulation of human–machine interfaces in Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) is presented. The framework builds on formal (i.e. mathematical) methods. It aims to support the work of formal methods experts in charge of modelling and …

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Software and System Modeling (SoSyM) is a quarterly international journal that focuses on theoretical and practical issues in the development and application of software and system modeling languages, techniques, and methods, such as the Unified Modeling Language. The aim of SoSyM is to publish high-quality works that further understanding of the theoretical underpinnings of modeling languages and techniques, present rigorous analyses of modeling experiences, and present scalable modeling techniques and processes that facilitate rigorous and economical development of software.

SoSyM is unique in its emphasis on theoretical foundations of modeling languages and techniques and on rigorous analysis of "real-world" modeling experiences. The balance of theoretical and experience-based works provides insights that can lead to better modeling languages and techniques. In addition, modeling practitioners can gain a deeper understanding of languages and techniques that can lead to more effective applications.

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