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17.10.2020 | Regular Paper

Wodel-Test: a model-based framework for language-independent mutation testing

Mutation testing (MT) targets the assessment of test cases by measuring their efficiency to detect faults. This technique involves modifying the program under test to emulate programming faults, and assessing whether the existing test cases detect …

17.10.2020 | Regular Paper

CEViNEdit: improving the process of creating cognitively effective graphical editors with GMF

The rise of domain-specific (Visual) languages and the inherent complexity of developing graphical editors for these languages have led to the emergence of proposals that provide support for this task. Most of these proposals are principally based …

14.10.2020 | Regular Paper Open Access

Pragmatic reuse for DSML development

Composing a DSL for hybrid CPS modeling

By bridging the semantic gap, domain-specific language (DSLs) serve an important role in the conquest to allow domain experts to model their systems themselves. In this publication we present a case study of the development of the Continuous …

24.09.2020 | Regular Paper Open Access

Implementing QVT-R via semantic interpretation in UML-RSDS

The QVT-Relations (QVT-R) model transformation language is an OMG standard notation for model transformation specification. It is highly declarative and supports (in principle) bidirectional (bx) transformation specification. However, there are …

21.09.2020 | Special Section Paper Open Access

Implementation of a continuous delivery pipeline for enterprise architecture model evolution

The discipline of enterprise architecture (EA) is an established approach to model and manage the interaction of business processes and IT in an organization. Thereby, the EA model as a central artifact of EA is subject to a continuous evolution …

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Software and System Modeling (SoSyM) is a quarterly international journal that focuses on theoretical and practical issues in the development and application of software and system modeling languages, techniques, and methods, such as the Unified Modeling Language. The aim of SoSyM is to publish high-quality works that further understanding of the theoretical underpinnings of modeling languages and techniques, present rigorous analyses of modeling experiences, and present scalable modeling techniques and processes that facilitate rigorous and economical development of software.

SoSyM is unique in its emphasis on theoretical foundations of modeling languages and techniques and on rigorous analysis of "real-world" modeling experiences. The balance of theoretical and experience-based works provides insights that can lead to better modeling languages and techniques. In addition, modeling practitioners can gain a deeper understanding of languages and techniques that can lead to more effective applications.

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