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Environmental Management

Ausgabe 6/2022

Inhalt (14 Artikel)

Municipal Stormwater Management Spending in California: Data Extraction, Compilation, and Analysis

David Babchanik, Danielle Salt, Maureen Kerner, Brian Currier, Erik Porse

Stakeholder Perspectives on COVID-19 and Household Water Access in Vulnerable Communities in the Mekong Region

Louis Lebel, Nilar Aung, Chau Thi Minh Long, Phoummixay Siharath, Phimphakan Lebel, Hap Navy, Chu Thai Hoanh, Boripat Lebel

Virtual Methodology for Household Waste Characterization During The Pandemic in An Urban District of Peru: Citizen Science for Waste Management

Norvin Requena-Sanchez, Dalia Carbonel-Ramos, Stephan Moonsammy, Robert Klaus, Leoncio Sicha Punil, Kelvin Tsun Wai Ng

Stakeholders Perceptions of Non-indigenous Freshwater Fish Species: A Case Study from a Mediterranean Biodiversity Hotspot

Leonidas Vardakas, Costas Perdikaris, Stamatis Zogaris, Olga-Ioanna Kalantzi, Nicholas Koutsikos

Exploring Influences on Environmental Stewardship of Fishing Communities in Fisheries Management in the Philippines

Dawn M. Kotowicz, Elin Torell, Joan Castro, Enrique G. Oracion, Richard Pollnac, Glenn Ricci

Open Access

Using Bayesian Belief Networks to Investigate Farmer Behavior and Policy Interventions for Improved Nitrogen Management

Felix Jäger, Jessica Rudnick, Mark Lubell, Martin Kraus, Birgit Müller

Open Access

Trust Versus Content in Multi-functional Land Management: Assessing Soil Function Messaging in Agricultural Networks

Lilian O’Sullivan, Cees Leeuwis, Linde de Vries, David P. Wall, Talke Heidkroß, Kirsten Madena, Rogier P. O. Schulte