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World Wide Web

World Wide Web 5/2014

Ausgabe 5/2014

Advanced Information Systems for the Web; Learning from Uncertainty and its Application to Intelligent Systems of Web Information

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 17 Artikel )

01.09.2014 | Ausgabe 5/2014

Editorial for the special issue on advanced information systems for the Web

Alex Delis, X. Sean Wang

01.09.2014 | Ausgabe 5/2014

A web-based approach to data imputation

Zhixu Li, Mohamed A. Sharaf, Laurianne Sitbon, Shazia Sadiq, Marta Indulska, Xiaofang Zhou

01.09.2014 | Ausgabe 5/2014

Like-minded communities: bringing the familiarity and similarity together

Natwar Modani, Seema Nagar, Saswata Shannigrahi, Ritesh Gupta, Kuntal Dey, Saurabh Goyal, Amit A. Nanavati

01.09.2014 | Ausgabe 5/2014

Efficient execution of web navigation sequences

José Losada, Juan Raposo, Alberto Pan, Paula Montoto

01.09.2014 | Ausgabe 5/2014

Improving the performance of pipelined query processing with skipping—and its comparison to document-wise partitioning

Simon Jonassen, Svein Erik Bratsberg

01.09.2014 | Ausgabe 5/2014

Performance vs. freshness in web database applications

Stavros Papastavrou, Panos K. Chrysanthis, George Samaras

01.09.2014 | Ausgabe 5/2014

How useful is social feedback for learning to rank YouTube videos?

Sergiu Chelaru, Claudia Orellana-Rodriguez, Ismail Sengor Altingovde

01.09.2014 | Ausgabe 5/2014

Guest editorial: learning from uncertainty and its application to intelligent systems of web information

Xi-Zhao Wang, Hui Wang

01.09.2014 | Ausgabe 5/2014

Improved conditional random fields model with multi-trigger embedding for Chinese event extraction

Ruifang He, Yang Zhang, Tuo Li, Qinghua Hu

01.09.2014 | Ausgabe 5/2014

Integration of scientific and social networks

Mahmood Neshati, Djoerd Hiemstra, Ehsaneddin Asgari, Hamid Beigy

01.09.2014 | Ausgabe 5/2014

Ranking user authority with relevant knowledge categories for expert finding

Hengshu Zhu, Enhong Chen, Hui Xiong, Huanhuan Cao, Jilei Tian

01.09.2014 | Ausgabe 5/2014

Information extraction for deep web using repetitive subject pattern

Wachirawut Thamviset, Sartra Wongthanavasu

01.09.2014 | Ausgabe 5/2014

Assisting web search using query suggestion based on word similarity measure and query modification patterns

Rani Qumsiyeh, Yiu-Kai Ng

01.09.2014 | Ausgabe 5/2014

Finding similar queries based on query representation analysis

Yuan Wang, Jie Liu, Jimeng Chen, YaLou Huang

01.09.2014 | Ausgabe 5/2014

ELM ∗ : distributed extreme learning machine with MapReduce

Junchang Xin, Zhiqiong Wang, Chen Chen, Linlin Ding, Guoren Wang, Yuhai Zhao

01.09.2014 | Ausgabe 5/2014

Extreme learning machine with errors in variables

Jianwei Zhao, Zhihui Wang, Feilong Cao

01.09.2014 | Ausgabe 5/2014

Probability based voting extreme learning machine for multiclass XML documents classification

Xiangguo Zhao, Xin Bi, Baiyou Qiao

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