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The Annals of Regional Science

Ausgabe 2/2022

Policies for supporting the regional circular economy and sustainability

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Special Issue Editorial

Policies for supporting the regional circular economy and sustainability

Josep-Maria Arauzo-Carod, Ioannis Kostakis, Konstantinos P. Tsagarakis

Open Access Special Issue Paper

Macroeconomic and environmental consequences of circular economy measures in a small open economy

J. Brusselaers, K. Breemersch, T. Geerken, M. Christis, B. Lahcen, Y. Dams

Special Issue Paper

Inter-firm cooperation and local industrial ecology processes: evidence from three French case studies

Mael Jambou, Andre Torre, Sabrina Dermine-Brullot, Sébastien Bourdin

Special Issue Paper

Air quality in smart sustainable cities: target and/or trigger?

Miguel Manjon, Nathalie Crutzen

Original Paper

Can local financial depth and dependence on external funding impact regional creation of new firms in Chile?

Andrea Cayumil Fernández, Miguel Quiroga, Iván Araya, Gabriel Pino

Original Paper

Green and digital entrepreneurship in smart cities

Miguel Manjon, Zineb Aouni, Nathalie Crutzen

Original Paper

Geopolitical risk spillovers and its determinants

Faruk Balli, Hatice Ozer Balli, Mudassar Hasan, Russell Gregory-Allen

Original Paper

COVID-19 crisis monitor: assessing the effectiveness of exit strategies in the State of São Paulo, Brazil

Eduardo A. Haddad, Renato S. Vieira, Inácio F. Araújo, Silvio M. Ichihara, Fernando S. Perobelli, Karina S. S. Bugarin