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The Annals of Regional Science

An International Journal of Urban, Regional and Environmental Research and Policy

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08.12.2017 | Original Paper

The influence of distance types on co-patenting and co-publishing in the USA and Europe over time

This study focuses on diverse dimensions of distance shaping collaboration in Europe and the USA during the time period 1999–2009. We take a comparative perspective by analysing two different collaboration networks (patents and publications) and …

30.11.2017 | Special Issue Editorial

Regional determinants of economic resilience

The economic resilience approach recently spread among regional scientists and economic geographers has provided new challenges to empirical researchers interested in studying the overall temporary and persistent consequences of the recent crisis …

15.11.2017 | Original Paper Open Access

Classifying vocational training markets

The German educational system is characterized by a large sector of dual vocational training, which facilitates integration into the labour market. This system creates a specific training market for school leavers, which is characterized by strong …

30.10.2017 | Special Issue Paper

Territorial capital and growth over the Great Recession: a local analysis for Italy

The consequences of the crisis have been mainly analyzed at national/international levels, neglecting its differential effects on local areas. Notwithstanding the international character of the Great Recession, the different local structural …

30.10.2017 | Original Paper

Spatial convergence of real wages in Russian cities

This paper provides an empirical test of spatial wage convergence in Russian cities. Using geo-coded data covering 997 Russian cities and towns from 1996 to 2013, I show that real city wages (i) converge over time and (ii) are significantly …

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