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17.02.2017 | Special Issue Paper

To be (or not to be) resilient over time: facts and causes

This study provides novel evidence on the resilience of regional labour markets in Italy by applying the nonlinear smooth transition autoregressive modelling approach to newly released data on total, female and industrial employment. Five main …

16.02.2017 | Special Issue Paper

Measuring resilience to economic shocks: an application to Spain

In this paper, we evaluate Spanish regions’ resistance to the economic crisis under three main resilience notions: “adaptative,” “engineering” and “ecological.” “Adaptative” resilience is measured through a traditional shift-share approach applied …

14.02.2017 | Original Paper Open Access

Innovation through new blood

We model the influence of employee mobility on the transmission of knowledge between firms, assuming human capital to be an important influence on service innovation and firm productivity. To this end, we follow individual workers as they move …

13.02.2017 | Original Paper

Are there different local patterns of convergence concealed beneath the regional level? An analysis for US states and counties using a multilevel approach

The extensive literature on economic convergence has explored a wide variety of ways of measuring convergence in addition to finely tuning and improving the applicable econometric techniques. However, very few contributions analyze the relevance …

09.02.2017 | Book Review

McCann, Philip: The regional and urban policy of the European Union: Cohesion, results-orientation and smart specialisation

Edward Elgar Publishing, 2015

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