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20.06.2017 | Original Paper

Disentangling the effect of tolerance on housing values: how levels of human capital and race alter this link within the metropolitan area

Previous studies argue that homosexuals can affect house prices through two mechanisms: an esthetic–amenity premium and a tolerance (or open culture) premium. We find that this relationship varies with respect to areas with different compositions …

19.06.2017 | Original Paper

Informality, city structure and rural–urban migration in Latin America

In this paper, we study the relationship between informal employment and city structure, in the presence of informal housing. We build an urban search-matching model incorporating informal labor, informal housing, and rural–urban migration. We …

13.06.2017 | Original Paper

A note on production taxation and public-input provision

Gugl and Zodrow (Natl Tax J 68:767–802, 2015) derive a general condition for (in)efficient public-input provision under production-tax financing. Their condition is described in terms of log modularity of production technology. This paper shows …

12.06.2017 | Special Issue Paper

Inter-regional transportation and economic productivity: a case study of regional agglomeration economies in Japan

This study investigates the benefit of agglomeration to regional productivity, highlighting the issue of accessibility with empirical data from Japan. We analyze empirically the impacts of agglomeration on regional economic return using an …

26.05.2017 | Original Paper

Out-migration from the epicenters of the housing bubble burst during and in the aftermath of the Great Recession in the USA

During the Great Recession in the USA, the four Sand States—Arizona, California, Florida and Nevada—suffered from plunging home prices, massive layoffs and much slower population growth. Some metro areas in these states experienced the …

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