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The Annals of Regional Science

Ausgabe 3/2023

Social Capital and Rural Development: Challenges and Perspectives

Inhalt (12 Artikel)

Special Issue Editorial

Social capital and rural development: an introduction to the special issue

Ellen Fitzpatrick, Tüzin Baycan, Sedef Akgüngör

Open Access Special Issue Paper

Rationalizing predictably irrational choices: the social capital synthesis

Lindon J. Robison, Jeffrey R. Oliver

Special Issue Paper

The network effects of NGOs on social capital and innovation among smallholder farmers: a case study in Peru

Dominik Hartmann, Atilio Arata, Mayra Bezerra, Flavio L. Pinheiro

Special Issue Paper

The role of agricultural development cooperatives in establishing social capital

Yesim Kustepeli, Yaprak Gulcan, Muırat Yercan, Batuhan Yıldırım

Special Issue Paper

Social networks of online rural entrepreneurs: the case of Turkey

Burcu Yaşlak, Aliye Ahu Akgün, Tüzin Baycan

Special Issue Paper

Neighbor effects on adoption of conservation practices: cases of grass filter systems and injecting manure

Haluk Gedikoglu, Sansel Tandogan, Joseph Parcell

Open Access Special Issue Paper

The dark side of social capital: a contextual perspective

Tüzin Baycan, Özge Öner

Special Issue Paper

Does social capital influence small business entrepreneurship? Differences between urban and rural China

Xianhua Sun, Ailun Xiong, Hongyi Li, Hans Westlund, Yuheng Li

Special Issue Paper

Sources of knowledge for innovation capability in subsistence small businesses: a case of the wood sector in Argentina

Carlos M. Jardon, Nilda C. Tañski, Xavier Martinez-Cobas