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The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology

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An extensible NC program interpreter for open CNC systems

The NC program interpreter plays an important role in CNC systems. It checks for errors and translates NC programs into commands that can be executed by the CNC control module. NC program specifications differ a lot among different CNC …


Cutting of AA6061 by a multimode pulsed Nd:YAG laser with high pressure gas: characterisation of kerf geometry and quality

In this work, laser cutting of 6061-T6 aluminium alloy sheets is investigated using a multimode 150 W Nd:YAG pulsed laser, adopting N2 at 15 bar, with the aim to investigate the effect of process parameters on the kerf geometry and roughness. The …


Shear band formation and wear mechanisms of Ti-6Al-4V powder metallurgy materials with different densities

Ti-6Al-4V powder metallurgy materials with different densities were prepared by hot isostatic pressing technology. Shear band formation and wear mechanisms of the powder metallurgy materials were studied. The wear mechanisms of the powder …


A disk tool cutting method for bevel gear manufacture on a five-axis machine

Two main popular cutting methods for bevel gear mass production, face milling and face hobbing, both require dedicated tools and machines available from only a few machine tool companies, which makes production more costly. This paper thus …


An investigation on flaring process of thin-walled tubes using multistage single point incremental forming

The flaring of a thin-walled tube is conventionally carried out by pressing the tube end using dedicated die sets. As an alternative process with the high flexibility and low complexity, in this research, the utilization of single point …

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The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology bridges the gap between pure research journals and the more practical publications on factory automation systems. It therefore provides an outstanding forum for international papers covering applications-based research topics spanning the entire manufacturing spectrum.

Published papers will continue to be to a high standard of excellence. This is ensured by subjecting each paper to a strict assessment procedure by members of the international editorial advisory board. The objective is firmly to establish that papers submitted do meet the requirements, especially in the context of proven applications-based research work. It is not acceptable that papers have a theoretical content alone.

The journal covers the full range of advanced manufacturing technology. It therefore publishes papers on robotics; artificial intelligence, including speech technology, vision and tactile sensing; grippers; programmable controllers; lasers and other advanced processes; programmable assembly; flexible manufacturing systems; computer integrated manufacturing; inspection; automatic test equipment; simulation; motors, controls and drives; local area networking; production planning and control; logistics and supply chain management; human factors; and economics.

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IT-Risikomanagement im Produktionsumfeld

Mit der stetigen Zunahme der IT in Produktionsumgebungen steigt mit der Effizienz auch die Gefährdung gegenüber Schadsoftware oder Hackerangriffen. Best-Practices aus dem Bereich der Office-IT eignen sich leider oftmals nicht für Produktionsumgebungen. Dieser Beitrag erläutert die Gründe hierfür und liefert eine Übersicht vorhandener Best-Practice-Dokumente für das Produktionsumfeld. Jetzt gratis downloaden!


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