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The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology

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A new approach for predicting wear overlap geometry in ball end finish milling

The inclination angles of sculptured surface and tilting angles of 5-axis machining change cutting time distributions (CTD) on cutting contact (CC) points. The models of element wear (EW) function of the CTD on each CC points are overlapped to …


Practical approach of simultaneous optimization of variable blank holder force and variable slide velocity trajectory in sheet metal forming

Variable blank holder force (VBHF) that the blank holder force varies through the stroke is recognized as one of the advanced manufacturing technologies for sheet metal forming. On the other hand, slide velocity (SV) that controls the die velocity …


Biofabrication of glass scaffolds by 3D printing for tissue engineering

This paper reports a study on the development of bioactive glass powders for biofabrication of scaffolds by an additive manufacturing technique, three-dimensional printing (3DP). Several formulations of the glass were developed from the …


Effect of subplate on sheet metal weld formation in back reflection induced synergistic laser welding and its mechanism

The back reflection induced synergistic laser welding (BRIS-LW) is a newly developing weld technology which could realize X-shape welding joint with relatively low laser energy when compared with general laser welding. The aim of this study is to …


Effects of texturing the rake surfaces of cemented tungsten carbide tools by ultrashort laser pulses in machining of martensitic stainless steel

The present study investigates the effect of texturing the rake face of uncoated cemented tungsten carbide tools by ultrashort laser pulses for tribological improvement. In this sense, four parallel micro-groove texturing patterns were created on …

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The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology bridges the gap between pure research journals and the more practical publications on factory automation systems. It therefore provides an outstanding forum for international papers covering applications-based research topics spanning the entire manufacturing spectrum.

Published papers will continue to be to a high standard of excellence. This is ensured by subjecting each paper to a strict assessment procedure by members of the international editorial advisory board. The objective is firmly to establish that papers submitted do meet the requirements, especially in the context of proven applications-based research work. It is not acceptable that papers have a theoretical content alone.

The journal covers the full range of advanced manufacturing technology. It therefore publishes papers on robotics; artificial intelligence, including speech technology, vision and tactile sensing; grippers; programmable controllers; lasers and other advanced processes; programmable assembly; flexible manufacturing systems; computer integrated manufacturing; inspection; automatic test equipment; simulation; motors, controls and drives; local area networking; production planning and control; logistics and supply chain management; human factors; and economics.

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