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The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology

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Forming defect control and optimization of multi-step spinning thickening process considering the variation of spinning gap

Spinning thickening is a novel metal-bulk forming technology for sheet metal, which gains successful applications in the net-shape manufacture of the structural parts with thin web plates and thick rims in automobile industry. However …


Investigation on the influence of the equivalent bending stiffness of the thin-walled parts on the machining deformation

A semi-analytical model considering the biaxial blank residual stress is proposed to predict the machining deformation of the thin-walled parts. Machining deformations of five thin-walled parts with different stiffening rib layouts are calculated …


Evaluation of formability enhancement of aluminum alloy sheet in electrohydraulic forming process with free-bulge die

Electrohydraulic forming (EHF), a high-speed forming process, deforms a material by using high-pressure shockwaves in a fluid-filled chamber. When a material is deformed at speeds higher than 100 m/s, its formability can be improved due to the …


Interface characteristics of Mg/Al bimetal produced by a novel liquid-liquid compound casting process with an Al interlayer

Mg/Al bimetal was successfully prepared using a novel lost-foam casting (LFC) liquid-liquid compound process with an Al interlayer, and the interface characteristics including microstructure, mechanical properties, and fracture behavior of the …


Research on the CNC incremental forming method based on the surface partition and multi-size extrusion tool head

For the problem that a single-size extrusion tool head cannot meet the high-precision and high-efficiency forming requirement in the CNC incremental forming of the complex-shaped sheet metal parts, a new CNC incremental forming method based on the …

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The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology bridges the gap between pure research journals and the more practical publications on factory automation systems. It therefore provides an outstanding forum for international papers covering applications-based research topics spanning the entire manufacturing spectrum.

Published papers will continue to be to a high standard of excellence. This is ensured by subjecting each paper to a strict assessment procedure by members of the international editorial advisory board. The objective is firmly to establish that papers submitted do meet the requirements, especially in the context of proven applications-based research work. It is not acceptable that papers have a theoretical content alone.

The journal covers the full range of advanced manufacturing technology. It therefore publishes papers on robotics; artificial intelligence, including speech technology, vision and tactile sensing; grippers; programmable controllers; lasers and other advanced processes; programmable assembly; flexible manufacturing systems; computer integrated manufacturing; inspection; automatic test equipment; simulation; motors, controls and drives; local area networking; production planning and control; logistics and supply chain management; human factors; and economics.

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Grundlagen zu 3D-Druck, Produktionssystemen und Lean Production

Lesen Sie in diesem ausgewählten Buchkapitel alles über den 3D-Druck im Hinblick auf Begriffe, Funktionsweise, Anwendungsbereiche sowie Nutzen und Grenzen additiver Fertigungsverfahren. Eigenschaften eines schlanken Produktionssystems sowie der Aspekt der „Schlankheit“ werden ebenso beleuchtet wie die Prinzipien und Methoden der Lean Production.
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