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The Journal of Economic Inequality

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03.08.2020 Open Access

Weight-Based Discrimination in the Italian Labor Market: an Analysis of the Interaction with Gender and Ethnicity

Access to the Italian job market is undermined by several kinds of discrimination influencing the opportunities for individuals to obtain a job. In this study, we analyze together the impact of three of the most relevant kinds of discrimination …


Early life circumstances and labor marketoutcomes over the life cycle

Some consequences of adverse events early in life for labor market outcomes may emerge early and others only later in adult life. We use data from the Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe to investigate how early life …

20.07.2020 Open Access

Global Inequality in a more educated world

Better-educated and younger cohorts from developing countries are entering the global labor market. This education wave is altering the skill and geographic composition of the global labor market, and impacting income distribution, at the national …


Sustainable Development Goals and the Study of Economic Inequality

This paper is an introduction to a special issue of the Journal of Economic Inequality which contains a selection of articles published in the Journal which bring economic perspectives and methods to bear on dimensions of inequality highlighted in …


Beyond the weights: a multicriteria approach to evaluate inequality in education

This paper proposes the use of a new technique, the Stochastic Multicriteria Acceptability Analysis (SMAA), to evaluate education quality at school level out of the PISA multidimensional database. SMAA produces rankings with Monte Carlo Generation …

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The Journal of Economic Inequality provides a forum for economic investigations and analyses of the numerous questions regarding economic and social inequalities, both at the theoretical and the empirical level. Moreover, it explores the policy implications of the field’s research findings.

Among the topics addressed in the journal is the inequality of earnings and household incomes in the Western world. Moreover, the journal investigates the gap between rich and poor countries. Lastly, it examines inequalities in educational opportunities, health care, morbidity, and mortality, both within and between countries.

Officially cited as: J Econ Inequal

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