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The Journal of Economic Inequality


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Open Access 27.05.2022

The dynamics of poverty in Europe: what has changed after the great recession?

This paper provides novel evidence on the importance of the phenomenon of poverty and its heterogeneity across European countries. We analyze the determinants of poverty in Europe and their evolution over time by disentangling the role of genuine …

Open Access 21.04.2022

Absolute intragenerational mobility in the United States, 1962–2014

This paper combines historical cross-sectional and longitudinal data in the United States to study the evolution of absolute intragenerational mobility over periods of four years. Absolute intragenerational mobility over such periods is …

Open Access 19.04.2022

A multivariate extension of the Lorenz curve based on copulas and a related multivariate Gini coefficient

We propose an extension of the univariate Lorenz curve and of the Gini coefficient to the multivariate case, i.e., to simultaneously measure inequality in more than one variable. Our extensions are based on copulas and measure inequality stemming …

Open Access 14.04.2022

Spouses’ earnings association and inequality: A non-linear perspective

We analyze the association between spouses’ earnings taking account of non-linearities along both spouses’ distribution of earnings. We also document the non-linearity of the relationships between earnings and labor force participation, earnings …


Will COVID-19 Have Long-Lasting Effects on Inequality? Evidence from Past Pandemics

This paper provides evidence on the impact of major epidemics from the past two decades on income distribution. The pandemics in our sample, even though much smaller in scale than COVID-19, have led to increases in the Gini coefficient, raised the …

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The Journal of Economic Inequality provides a forum for economic investigations and analyses of the numerous questions regarding economic and social inequalities, both at the theoretical and the empirical level. Moreover, it explores the policy implications of the field’s research findings.

Among the topics addressed in the journal is the inequality of earnings and household incomes in the Western world. Moreover, the journal investigates the gap between rich and poor countries. Lastly, it examines inequalities in educational opportunities, health care, morbidity, and mortality, both within and between countries.

Officially cited as: J Econ Inequal

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