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Water Resources Management

Water Resources Management 12/2015

Ausgabe 12/2015

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 20 Artikel )

01.09.2015 | Ausgabe 12/2015

Fuzzy AHP Based Multi Crteria Decision Support for Watershed Prioritization

R. K. Jaiswal, Narayan C. Ghosh, A. K. Lohani, T. Thomas

01.09.2015 | Ausgabe 12/2015

Comparison of Rainfall-Runoff Relationship Modeling using Different Methods in a Forested Watershed

Ferhat Gökbulak, Kamil Şengönül, Yusuf Serengil, İbrahim Yurtseven, Süleyman Özhan, Hikmet Kerem Cigizoglu, Betül Uygur

01.09.2015 | Ausgabe 12/2015

Reverse Flood Routing in Natural Channels using Genetic Algorithm

G. Zucco, G. Tayfur, T. Moramarco

01.09.2015 | Ausgabe 12/2015

Moving from Resource Development to Resource Management: Problems, Prospects and Policy Recommendations for Sustainable Groundwater Management in Bangladesh

Asad S. Qureshi, Zia Uddin Ahmad, Timothy J. Krupnik

01.09.2015 | Ausgabe 12/2015

Nonlinear Interval Parameter Programming Combined with Cooperative Games: a Tool for Addressing Uncertainty in Water Allocation Using Water Diplomacy Framework

Mahdi Zarghami, Nasim Safari, Ferenc Szidarovszky, Shafiqul Islam

01.09.2015 | Ausgabe 12/2015

Reservoir Design Optimization Incorporating Performance Indices

Alcigeimes B. Celeste

01.09.2015 | Ausgabe 12/2015

Groundwater Mass Balance in Urbanized Areas Estimated by a Groundwater Flow Model Based on a 3D Hydrostratigraphical Model: the Case Study of the Eastern Plain of Naples (Italy)

Daniela Ducci, Mariangela Sellerino

01.09.2015 | Ausgabe 12/2015

Water Markets: Insights from an Applied General Equilibrium Model for Extremadura, Spain

Alberto Franco Solís, Xueqin Zhu

01.09.2015 | Ausgabe 12/2015

Optimal Sizing of Rainwater Harvesting Tanks for Domestic Use in Greece

P. A. Londra, A. T. Theocharis, E. Baltas, V. Α. Tsihrintzis

01.09.2015 | Ausgabe 12/2015

A Machine Learning Approach for the Mean Flow Velocity Prediction in Alluvial Channels

Vasileios Kitsikoudis, Epaminondas Sidiropoulos, Lazaros Iliadis, Vlassios Hrissanthou

01.09.2015 | Ausgabe 12/2015

A New Procedure for Optimal Design of District Metered Areas Based on the Multilevel Balancing and Refinement Algorithm

S. Alvisi

01.09.2015 | Ausgabe 12/2015

Sustainable Groundwater Management in the Arid Southwestern US: Coachella Valley, California

Brian F. Thomas, James S. Famiglietti

01.09.2015 | Ausgabe 12/2015

Flood Vulnerability Analysis by Fuzzy Spatial Multi Criteria Decision Making

Ahamd Radmehr, Shahab Araghinejad

01.09.2015 | Ausgabe 12/2015 Open Access

Modelling the Influence of Groundwater Abstractions on the Water Level of Lake Naivasha, Kenya Under Data-Scarce Conditions

Rick H. J. Hogeboom, Pieter R. van Oel, Maarten S. Krol, Martijn J. Booij

01.09.2015 | Ausgabe 12/2015

Spatiotemporal Trend Analysis of Extreme Rainfall Events in Victoria, Australia

A. G. Yilmaz, B. J. C. Perera

01.09.2015 | Ausgabe 12/2015

Optimization of Cropping Pattern in a Canal Command Area Using Fuzzy Programming Approach

Paritosh Srivastava, Raj Mohan Singh

01.09.2015 | Ausgabe 12/2015

Comparing Public Perceptions of Alternative Water Sources for Potable Use: The Case of Rainwater, Stormwater, Desalinated Water, and Recycled Water

Kelly S. Fielding, John Gardner, Zoe Leviston, Jennifer Price

01.09.2015 | Ausgabe 12/2015

Factors Controlling the Suspended Sediment Yield During Rainfall Events of Dry and Wet Weather Conditions in A Tropical Urban Catchment

Jeremy Andy Dominic, Ahmad Zaharin Aris, Wan Nor Azmin Sulaiman

01.09.2015 | Ausgabe 12/2015

Prioritizing Feasible Locations for Permeable Pavement Using MODFLOW and Multi-criteria Decision Making Methods

Jeong-Seok Yang, Min-Woo Son, Eun-Sung Chung, Il-Hwan Kim

01.09.2015 | Ausgabe 12/2015

Streamflow Forecast Errors and Their Impacts on Forecast-based Reservoir Flood Control

Zhao Liu, Yiping Guo, Lixia Wang, Qing Wang

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