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Wireless Personal Communications

An International Journal

Wireless Personal Communications OnlineFirst articles


An Energy-Efficient Dynamic Resource Management Approach Based on Clustering and Meta-Heuristic Algorithms in Cloud Computing IaaS Platforms

Energy Efficient Dynamic Cloud Resource Management

Cloud computing as an emerging technology, has revolutionized the information technology industry by elastic on-demand provisioning and De-provisioning of computing resources. Due to the huge amount of electrical energy consumption by large-scale …


A Detailed Study on Internet Connectivity Schemes for Mobile ad Hoc Network

Integration of Mobile ad hoc network (MANET) with the fixed Internet has paid immense attention in the field of heterogeneous networks. Such integration has many advantages and offer many usage scenarios for both MANET and the Internet. The MANET …


A Taxonomy for MAC Protocols in Wireless Sensor Networks Based on Traffic Prioritization

Various media access control (MAC) protocols have been developed to deal with the heterogenous traffic in wireless sensor networks (WSN). In many emerging applications, it is regarded essential to prioritize the heterogeneous traffic for reliable …


High Performance and Energy Efficient Image Watermarking for Video Using a Mobile Device

This article describes the basic information hiding technique that is most commonly used nowadays. As evolution in the communication media has made information access much easier but has also increased the risks of invading privacy and ownership.


On the Intercept Probability of DF Relaying Wireless Communication

In this work, we determine the probability of intercept for relaying wireless communication over Nakagami-m faded environment. An eavesdropper attempts to intercept the transmitted signal on link between a source and relay as well as between relay …

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Wireless Personal Communications is an archival, peer reviewed, scientific and technical journal addressing mobile communications and computing. It investigates theoretical, engineering, and experimental aspects of radio communications, voice, data, images, and multimedia.

A partial list of topics includes propagation, system models, speech and image coding, multiple access techniques, protocols performance evaluation, radio local area networks, and networking and architectures.

The journal features five principal types of papers: full technical papers, short papers, technical aspects of policy and standardization, letters offering new research thoughts and experimental ideas, and invited papers on important and emerging topics authored by renowned experts.

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Globales Erdungssystem in urbanen Kabelnetzen

Bedingt durch die Altersstruktur vieler Kabelverteilnetze mit der damit verbundenen verminderten Isolationsfestigkeit oder durch fortschreitenden Kabelausbau ist es immer häufiger erforderlich, anstelle der Resonanz-Sternpunktserdung alternative Konzepte für die Sternpunktsbehandlung umzusetzen. Die damit verbundenen Fehlerortungskonzepte bzw. die Erhöhung der Restströme im Erdschlussfall führen jedoch aufgrund der hohen Fehlerströme zu neuen Anforderungen an die Erdungs- und Fehlerstromrückleitungs-Systeme. Lesen Sie hier über die Auswirkung von leitfähigen Strukturen auf die Stromaufteilung sowie die Potentialverhältnisse in urbanen Kabelnetzen bei stromstarken Erdschlüssen. Jetzt gratis downloaden!