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Wood Science and Technology

Journal of the International Academy of Wood Science

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30.04.2021 | Review

Potentials of silicate-based formulations for wood protection and improvement of mechanical properties: A review

Silica or silica-precursor systems are attractive for the protection of wood against biotic and abiotic damages and for improvement of the fire resistance. Alkali metal silicate solutions, also known as water glasses, colloidal silica (nanosilica …

24.04.2021 | Original

The trees of the Water People: archeological waterlogged wood identification and near-infrared analysis in Eastern Amazonia

Trees have always been important to provide wood as a building material for human settlements. In prehistory, houses on stilts were commonly built in or near to bodies of water. This strategy allowed defense against attacks and subsistence …

16.04.2021 | Original

Sodium silicate/waterborne epoxy resin hybrid-modified Chinese fir wood

The use of fast-growing wood can reduce the environmental impact of the wood industry, but the low strength and flammability of these woods prevent their widespread application. Chinese fir not only has the general defect of fast-growing wood, but …

15.04.2021 | Original Open Access

Understanding the local structure of disordered carbons from cellulose and lignin

An electron microscopy investigation was performed to understand the relationship between the microstructure and properties of carbonized cellulose and lignin (softwood kraft lignin) relative to the structure of the original biomass components.

05.04.2021 | Original Open Access

Dissolution of wood components during hot water extraction of birch

Autohydrolysis-based pretreatments enable extraction of hemicellulose from wood tissue prior to the paper pulp cooking processes enabling their further use as platform chemicals and in material applications. In this study, hot water extraction of …

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Wood Science and Technology publishes original scientific research results and review papers covering the entire field of wood material science, wood components and wood based products. Subjects are wood biology and wood quality, wood physics and physical technologies, wood chemistry and chemical technologies. Latest advances in areas such as cell wall and wood formation; structural and chemical composition of wood and wood composites and their property relations; physical, mechanical and chemical characterization and relevant methodological developments, and microbiological degradation of wood and wood based products are reported. Topics related to wood technology include machining, gluing, and finishing, composite technology, wood modification, wood mechanics, creep and rheology, and the conversion of wood into pulp and biorefinery products.

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