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High-accuracy calibration for multi-laser powder bed fusion via in situ detection and parameter identification

Multi-laser powder bed fusion (ML-PBF) adopts multiple laser-scanner systems to increase the build envelope and build speed, but its calibration is an iterative and time-consuming process. In particular, multiple large-scale scan fields have a …


Precision measurement and compensation of kinematic errors for industrial robots using artifact and machine learning

Industrial robots are widely used in various areas owing to their greater degrees of freedom (DOFs) and larger operation space compared with traditional frame movement systems involving sliding and rotational stages. However, the geometrical …


Research on the underlying mechanism behind abrasive flow machining on micro-slit structures and simulation of viscoelastic media

In this study, the machining mechanism of abrasive flow machining (AFM) microstructures was analyzed in depth according to the transmission morphology and rheological behaviors of the abrasive media. The transmission morphology demonstrated the …


On-machine measurement of tool nose radius and wear during precision/ultra-precision machining

The tool state exerts a strong influence on surface quality and profile accuracy during precision/ultra-precision machining. However, current on-machine measurement methods cannot precisely obtain the tool nose radius and wear. This study …


Molecular dynamics study on surface formation and phase transformation in nanometric cutting of β-Sn

Atomic motion and surface formation in the nanometric cutting process of β-Sn are investigated using molecular dynamics (MD). A stagnation region is observed that changes the shape of the tool edge involved in nanometric cutting, resulting in a …

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As an innovative, fundamental and scientific journal, Advances in Manufacturing aims to describe the latest regional and global research results and forefront developments in advanced manufacturing field. As such, it serves as an international platform for academic exchange between experts, scholars and researchers in this field.

All articles in Advances in Manufacturing are peer reviewed. Respected scholars from the fields of advanced manufacturing fields will be invited to write some comments. We also encourage and give priority to research papers that have made major breakthroughs or innovations in the fundamental theory. The targeted fields include: manufacturing automation, mechatronics and robotics, precision manufacturing and control, micro-nano-manufacturing, green manufacturing, design in manufacturing, metallic and nonmetallic materials in manufacturing, metallurgical process, etc. The forms of articles include (but not limited to): academic articles, research reports, and general reviews.

Advances in Manufacturing
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