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04.05.2019 | Original Research Open Access

Escalating internationalization decisions: intendedly rational, but only limitedly so?

The Uppsala model is commonly considered to be the pivotal approach in internationalization process research and often praised as particularly realistic. Yet at least implicitly and partially, it is also built on the assumption of rationally …

30.03.2019 | Original Research Open Access

Partnering for good? An analysis of how to achieve sustainability-related outcomes in public–private partnerships

Since 1987, members of the United Nations have strived for improving sustainability to fulfill the vision of sustainable development. Current discussions focus on the role of collaborations between public and private actors to realize social …

22.03.2019 | Original Research Open Access

Corporate reputation and the future cost of equity

Corporate reputation is an important management objective, bearing the potential to create sustainable competitive advantage, and many scholars have studied its impact on firm performance. However, its effect on the cost of equity has only …

12.03.2019 | Original Research Open Access

Development of an AHP hierarchy for managing omnichannel capabilities: a design science research approach

Because of the importance of omnichannel services in today’s consumer markets, B2C organizations have a high demand for management instruments that support the organizational development of omnichannel capabilities. Prior literature acknowledges …

05.02.2019 | Original Research Open Access

Transactions for trading used electric vehicle batteries: theoretical underpinning and information systems design principles

Proof-of-concept projects have demonstrated that used electric vehicle batteries (EVBs), after their removal from electric vehicles due to insufficient performance, can be repurposed for less demanding applications. It is expected that numerous …

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