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06.05.2020 | Original Article Open Access

Multi-grounded action research

The research approach of multi-grounded action research (MGAR) is presented and analyzed. This is based on a review of issues and concerns in information systems action research. MGAR builds on the epistemological principles of multi-grounding.

23.04.2020 | Original Article

Mapping the variations for implementing information security controls to their operational research solutions

Information Security Management is currently guided by process-based standards. Achieving one or some of these standards means deploying their corresponding set of security controls under different constraints on resources, budgets, information …

11.04.2020 | Original Article

The impact of blockchain on business models in banking

Blockchain technology is predicted to reshape existing business models of the financial services industry. But although blockchain is often seen as a strategic technology, research focusing on its impact on business models is still rare. This …

27.02.2020 | Original Article

Processes, benefits, and challenges for adoption of blockchain technologies in food supply chains: a thematic analysis

Blockchain technologies have become increasingly popular and attracted great interest in recent years. Beyond the financial sector, blockchain technologies are promising for addressing the current limitations in food supply chain management. As …

18.02.2020 | Original Article

How can we reduce information asymmetries and enhance trust in ‘The Market for Lemons’?

The used car market is characterized by information asymmetries and mistrust. Blockchain technology promises to resolve these problems using a system which stores data over the life cycle of a vehicle. However, while blockchain technology is …

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