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Interceram - International Ceramic Review

2014 - 2022
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Ausgabe 4/2022
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30.05.2023 | Materials Technology | News | Online-Artikel

Laser Buildup Welding and Machining in One Process Step

Components can be coated and machined simultaneously using a process developed at Fraunhofer ILT. High-strength materials can thus be processed in a short time and with low tool wear.

24.05.2023 | Geo-Engineering | In the Spotlight | Online-Artikel

These Technologies Filter CO2 out of the Air

In the future, CO2 could be extracted directly from the air on a larger scale. The first industrial prototypes for direct air capture are already in operation. However, the processes and plants are energy-intensive and expensive.

23.05.2023 | Hydrogen | News | Online-Artikel

AEM Electrolyzers to Become Ready for Industry

AEM electrolyzers are inexpensive and do not require critical materials. So far, however, they have only been available in the 1 kW range. A German-Canadian project now wants to make them suitable for large-scale hydrogen projects.

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Über diese Zeitschrift

The English-Language Interceram - International Ceramic Review is a comprehensive source on science and technology in the areas of the ceramics and related technologies, covering fine ceramics, heavy clay & advanced ceramics, composites, carbon & graphite, tiles & bricks, stoneware pipes, refractories, glass & glass ceramics, coatings, powder metallurgy, raw materials, and all kindes of industrial production & application.

Refractories Manual – published annually – is the special edition of INTERCERAM for the entire field of refractories. Amongst other subjects, it reports on meetings of experts in the sector and on special refractories and their application. It examines the current status of the refractories industry in selected countries.

Interceram - International Ceramic Review
Jahrgang 63/2014 - Jahrgang 71/2022
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