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01.06.2021 | Research Article

A Relational Reflection on Pandemic Nationalism

Drawing on the case of Wuhan, this article considers how nationalist discourses evolved in the Chinese context during the COVID-19 pandemic. It adopts a relational perspective to argue that, just as the COVID-19 pandemic has revealed countries’ …

20.05.2021 | Book Review

Daniel R. Hammond, Politics and Policy in China’s Social Assistance Reform; Providing for the Poor?

(Edinburgh, Edinburgh University Press, 2019), 192p, $110.00 hardback; $24.95 paperback and EPUB

14.05.2021 | Book Review

Fu-Lai Tony Yu and Diana S. Kwan, Social Construction of National Reality: Taiwan, Tibet, and Hong Kong

(Lanham: Lexington Books), 178p. $95 hardback

10.05.2021 | Book Review

Thomas Meyer, J. Sales Marques and M. Telò eds., Regionalism and Multilateralism: Politics, Economics, Culture / Thomas Meyer, J. Sales Marques and M. Telò eds., Towards a New Multilateralism: Cultural Divergence and Political Convergence?

(New York: Routledge, 2019), 256p. $139.00 hardback; $40.5 paperback / (New York: Routledge, 2020), 248p. $139.00 hardback; $40.5 paperback

27.04.2021 | Book Review

Xiang Gao, Delegation and Development: Local Government in China’s Market Transition

(Hangzhou: Zhejiang University Press, 2020), 212p, $6.89 paperback

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Coverage in the journal emphasizes Chinese domestic politics and foreign policy in comparative perspectives. The journal also features papers on different aspects of contemporary China when these relate closely to Chinese politics, political economy, political culture, reform and opening, development, the military, law and legal system, foreign relations, and other important issues of political significance.

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