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28.07.2020 | Research Article

The Effect of Political Participation and Village Support on Farmers Happiness

This paper explores the internal transmission mechanism and influence of political participation and village support on farmers’ happiness based on an analysis of data from a micro survey of farmers. The research uses the big surname identity as a …

24.07.2020 | Book Review

David Shambaugh, ed., China & the World

(New York: Oxford University Press, 2020), 394p. $99 hardcover; $27.95 paperback; $9.99 e-book

21.07.2020 | Review Essay Open Access

Power Struggle or Strengthening the Party: Perspectives on Xi Jinping’s Anticorruption Campaign

This review essay analyzes the literature dealing with Xi Jinping’s anticorruption campaign. It identifies two major debates in the literature that see the campaign either as an inner-Party power struggle or as a genuine attempt to deal with the …

17.07.2020 | Book Review

Jennifer Pan, Welfare for Autocrats: How Social Assistance in China Cares for its Rulers

(New York: Oxford University Press, 2020), 225p. $99.00 hardback; $29.95 paperback

17.07.2020 | Research Article

Budget Structure Discontinuity: Unveiling Mechanism and Connecting Logic in China’s Context

While budget structure discontinuity signals decisional shifts, it has not been studied in depth in China’s context. We identify and explain budget structure discontinuity in 31 Chinese provinces between 1996 and 2018. We identify that fiscal …

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The Journal of Chinese Political Science (JCPS) is a refereed academic journal that publishes theoretical, policy, and empirical research articles on Chinese politics across the whole spectrum of political science.

Coverage in the journal emphasizes Chinese domestic politics and foreign policy in comparative perspectives. The journal also features papers on different aspects of contemporary China when these relate closely to Chinese politics, political economy, political culture, reform and opening, development, the military, law and legal system, foreign relations, and other important issues of political significance.

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