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Journal of Grid Computing

From Grids to Cloud Federations

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20.05.2020 Open Access

A Negotiation Protocol for Fine-Grained Accountable Resource Provisioning and Sharing in e-Science

With the increasing demand for dynamic and customised resource provisioning for computational experiments in e-Science, solutions are required to mediate different participants’ varied demands for such resource provision. This paper presents a …

13.05.2020 Open Access

Approach for Selecting and Integrating Cloud Services to Construct Hybrid Cloud

With the popularization of cloud computing, various cloud services have emerged, and hybrid clouds that can take advantage of combining public and private clouds are attracting attention. However, because of their variety, determining a …


Research on Parallel Deep Learning for Heterogeneous Computing Architecture

27.04.2020 Open Access

Design of a Flexible, User Friendly Feature Matrix Generation System and its Application on Biomedical Datasets

The generation of a feature matrix is the first step in conducting machine learning analyses on complex data sets such as those containing DNA, RNA or protein sequences. These matrices contain information for each object which have to be …


Modeling-Learning-Based Actor-Critic Algorithm with Gaussian Process Approximator

The tasks with continuous state and action spaces are difficult to be solved with high sample efficiency. Model learning and planning, as a well-known method to improve the sample efficiency, is achieved by learning a system dynamics model first …

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The Journal of Grid Computing explores an emerging technology that enables large-scale resource sharing problem solving within distributed, loosely coordinated groups sometimes termed "virtual organizations". Coverage includes protocols, security, scaling and more.

Although the advantages of this technology for classes of applications have been acknowledged, research in a variety of disciplines is needed to broaden the applicability and scope of the current body of knowledge. This journal fills the need, covering such topics as protocols, middleware, and services, security, discovery, sharing, scaling, and more.

Discussion extends to advanced technologies for collaborative work, information sharing and problem solving.

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